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Advice for dealing with noisy campground neighbors



Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
Can you tell me what my attitude should be about noisy campground neighbors? I seem passive in situations because I do not react visibly to emotions I might be feeling. My husband, on the other hand, would be considered aggressive. He can sometimes detonate without much provocation.

When we are camping in our motorhome next to a rowdy bunch I like to think they are letting off steam in a party mode and we should just move to a quieter site. My husband thinks they are inconsiderate and demands that they tone their noise levels down. Several times this has put us dangerously close to physical confrontation. Often alcohol is a factor, especially during the holiday camping season. Do you think the way to handle these situations is to move, confront, or submit in quiet frustration? —Nervous in New Haven

Dear Nervous:
I agree with your husband on the inconsiderate charge. However, confrontation will bring you nothing but grief. Moving is an option but that still does not solve the problems for others around the offensive site. You might first want to report the problem to a campground host or ranger if one is available. Most campgrounds have some basic noise and quiet hour rules.

In most cases these are good people gone bad. Like you say, they are on a camping weekend and letting off steam. That still does not give them license to irritate their camping neighbors.

A better option than being aggressive would be to “kill them with kindness.” Introduce yourself in a friendly fashion and ask them if they could keep it down a little. From that introduction you will quickly discover if they are good people gone bad, or inconsiderate people you will need to report or move away from.

One of the advantages about the RV lifestyle, unlike home ownership, is the ability to pick new neighbors as quickly as moving your rig.

Let me stress that fighting fire with fire is not the answer to your frustration. Trying to “out rowdy” your rowdy neighbors with higher decibels will only escalate things. So put away the four-foot amplifiers hooked to your Bose Wave music system playing Luciano Pavarotti, turn off the generator, stop honking the horn, and move on down the road.—Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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antoine berthiaume
5 years ago

We complained to the park personal about people passing trough our lot and we were told to call the owner of the lot we had rented to install a fence. Talk about going nowhere

5 years ago

We had a noisy camper and we ended up going to the park manager about it. They had on site security and we told them we are trying to sleep. So we drove back to our site and went back to bed. 10 minutes later we heard this banging noise on their trailer which scared the girls inside who were making this racket. Come to find out the girls were under age and no idea where the parents where. After 11. Interesting. Needless to say the noise stopped and who knows if they knew we tattled.

5 years ago

If it’s an owner that won’t deal with it, you can always advise them that you are going to do a write up to give them bad PR. If it’s a popular site, they may not care, but at least you will warn others. (Hint…you may want to tell them that as you are leaving to ensure it’s not you getting the boot).

If it’s a camp manager, make sure that you complain to the owners or the provincial, national,or state parks system – hopefully, they will award the contract next time to someone that does care.

5 years ago

Great advice for a problem all of us have experienced (more than once, for us full-timers)! Unfortunately, some campground/RV park owners/managers prefer not to deal with these issues (I blogged about a particular situation some time ago), which is really sad, and leaves us, in these cases, with the only other option: honest reviews at review sites that mention the excessive noise and the lack of response by those who are supposed to enforce the rules.

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