Airplane on steroids? It looks like it!



That’s Gail in the bottom right of the photo. She’s standing next to a NASA “Super Guppy” now mothballed and on display at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. The four-engine cargo plane is just shy of half a football field long, about five stories high, with a cargo carrying capacity of 54,000 pounds. There are bigger planes (a Boeing 747-400, for example, stretches 231 feet). Still, when you stand next to the Super Guppy, it sure does seem like a monster.

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Dave J
10 months ago

The Guppy was used for moving the massive rocket bodies around from manf sites to launch sites.

10 months ago

OK, I give up, what was it used for before NASA retired it?

Donald N Wright
10 months ago

tires sure are small. 747’s were over five feet tall.

3 years ago

We visited the Pima Air & Space Museum two days ago. Missed you again. Amazing collection of aircraft, many I’d never seen or heard of. With a little imagination (and lots of money), that Guppy could be transformed into a very spacious flying RV.

Phil Atterbery
3 years ago

In your travels you may see the “guppy” s successor, a 747-200 modified in a similar manner. Boeing moves fuselage assemblies with it. It is usually seen at the McConnell AFB open house.
Happy travels.