If you own one of these trailers, do not tow it!


By Chuck Woodbury

Did you read the news that Airstream is recalling nearly 2,000 trailers because of a welding error that could result in the RVs’ ball couplers not providing enough clamping force, which could cause the trailer and tow vehicle to separate? The actual recall information is here. How could this happen?

For now, until it is checked by a dealer, Demco has manufactured a temporary use adapter that can be slipped over the ball portion of the coupler to allow the owners to tow their RVs (presumably to a dealer to get it checked it out).

The recall states that if the trailer were to be disconnected it could “become a road hazard resulting in a crash which could result in personal injury” (a little understated, perhaps?).

Airstream learned of the recall through social media in early October. A trailer owner posted a video showing his Demco hitch coupler detaching from the ball hitch while in the latched position.

The company will contact owners by phone if possible to notify them of the recall and tell them not to tow their trailer until it is checked by a dealer.

If you know someone who owns any one of these trailers, please tell them. Or send them the following web address so they can read this article for themselves, and then take action: https://www.rvtravel.com/airstream-recall .

You do not want to be towing one of these trailers, or, heaven forbid, following one on the highway!

Here are the models involved
• AIRSTREAM/NEST/2019-2020


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Mike Bertin

Much safer than safety chains.

Mike Bertin

I’ve been using this for years. Will never have that problem. http://Www.shurtow. com

Michael Harlan

If anyone would look, the recall is from Demco that has a product that is used by Airstream.
Demco, NOT Airstream manufactured this part.


Regarding the couplers coming loose: Because a picture of the coupler is not shown, I looked at Delco website and from what I saw, the only thing I see could be wrong is that the person hooking up hasn’t passed the ID 10 T test. Because there is no picture to confirm, the couplers I have seen on Delco site and I have used, they all have provision for a lock, a bolt, a clip, or anything else that would prevent the handle from lifting up, therefore allowing separation of the tow vehicle and trailer. If you want to keep it, lock it up.
Since no picture shown to compare mine to the one in question, I may be wrong in my reply, but for those that do use a flip lever to open and lock the ball hitch, LOCK IT OR LOSE IT.

Caleb Byers

That’s almost every 2019-2020 airstream. Wow.


I guess Airstream just became the first company to provide home service for their trailers. If you need a camper inspected and can’t tow it that is the only possibility, isn’t it? I don’t believe Thor is improving Airstream’s reputation..

Robyn Hirschberg

Can we stop blaming millenials for the decline in the RV industry when some of the most expensive trailers are built this shoddy?


Thanks, I sent this to a friend who has a new Airstream, hope this doesn’t apply to her but better safe than sorry.