Has Facebook made the world a better place?


When the subject of Facebook comes up in conversation, you get the idea that while some people love it, others detest it. There is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg’s college creation — initially designed to rate Harvard girls for his fellow classmates — has changed society.

The question many of us ask is, “Is that good or bad?”

What do you think? Is the world better off because of Facebook? Or not. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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Jim Prideaux
3 days ago

Never thought of it that way. Of course I and my friends mostly use it to post pictures of family and to wish each other happy birthday. Other than that I belong to special interest groups that were helpful such as asking out to swap out a trigger assembly on a pistol or advice on cabin locations for a cruise.

21 days ago

Facebook has been good and bad to improve the world. It is bias to a liberal slant, and does tend to bring out the worst more then the best in people.

1 month ago

I am not a fan of “Farsebook” at all.People have lost their job, been broken into when they say they are on vacation, tons of misinformation, and the list goes on and on..I do not have an account, and probably never will…

1 month ago

I have logged out of Facebook after watching respectable “grown ups” destroy another person’s life just because she did not agree with their “opinion”. I also have more free time to enjoy nature and learning about real things around me. On a side note, the people I work with everyday enjoy the “facebook drama“. It was once a great tool but now being misused.

1 month ago

This is a loaded question. I enjoy facebook as it is a fun place to chatter with friends. But as many have said, to many people use it a a vehicle to be mean and nasty and WAY to many people put much more personal info out there than anyone should.

What most people don’t realize is facebook is a giant advertising vehicle where you get bombarded with never ending ads and the data mined is used to send you ads in your email in-box.

It is perfectly good to use IF you are smart and make sure you keep your personal data to a minimum and don’t be a faceless jerk.

1 month ago

The survey needs a “Maybe” or Sort of”. A lot of great info on some sites but a lot of BS also!

2 months ago

Got off three years ago and do not miss it. It’s a wonderful tool for animal rescues and some business. But that’s about it as far as I’m concerned. I hate nosy people.

Ed Step
4 months ago

No opinion. I use FB and have for several years. It keeps me in contact with many friends I don’t get to see. It has its problems and what dosen’t. If we fear it, what else do we hide from. I refuse to be a recluse for fear of change.

4 months ago

Negative on FB. How many times have they been hacked? How many individuals are stalked? How many younger (and a few older) persons put their personal and sensitive information on FB in their profiles?

The reason most older persons refuse to use it is because they see and understand the potential dangers. Younger folks are niave and don’t understand the risk. You can tell them and show them til you are blue in the face. They are invincible or they don’t believe it will ever happen to them. All they have to do is watch what is already going on.

If you want to share with family, use an encrypted email service. It does the exact same thing. You can create groups. You can post pictures. You get instant notification on your phone if you IMAP your account. You get to choose who reads it and who doesn’t. Criminals are not looking at encrypted services. Like a house, they look for the easy way in

Yes, encrption costs a few bucks. The service we subscribe to is $9 a month. Its well worth your security.

4 months ago

I have mixed feelings. Yes, I like keeping in touch with friends. BUT I have no control over what friends see my feed due to FB’s algorhythms. FB controls that, not me. And speaking of control, they regularly censor material they think is controversial or “false”. It’s really not for them to determine, but they do it. I also know that people can’t read your “tone of voice” in postings and often misunderstand what you are saying. You have to be aware of all these things. It really gets frustrating at times.

R Hough
4 months ago

Been on Facebook for many years. I keep a small circle of considerate “friends” who enjoy easy communication, exchange of family photos, humor, news and also limited politics. I’ve had to unfriend one or two people, but that’s easy to do to maintain positive interactions. Maybe those who don’t like FB should try Instagram, other options, or stick to letter writing, phone calls or whatever works for them. Not a problem.

4 months ago

Facebook exist for only one reason to sell ALL your personal data to ANYBODY with money to buy it.

4 months ago
Reply to  Crowman

Another very valid point.

6 months ago

Facebook has the possibility to be something great. But in most cases, people shy away from the truth, politics, and social issues. Big mistake, and because of that, Facebook has taken on the look of frivolous postings, false identities, and information.

If I remember correctly, Facebook was instrumental in political change in both Turkey and Eygpt. It could do wonders for much of the world but the internet in general, the greatest library in the world has not been utilized. Why? We as educators and parents have not educated our children on the use of this great tool.

I use the internet and Facebook groups related to education and teaching, in my everyday research. It’s a shame that so many people here see it in another light and some of that may have to do with their age group.

6 months ago

Facebook basically is place where insecure people can show how apparently great there live is. Most post pictures of there homes, fancy cars and the latest $10,000 vacation they just borrowed money for. As far as keeping in touch with family and friends how about a private email or text or oh know a phone call.

6 months ago

Facebook and all social media collection sites are for the chronic emotionally derelict.
They are sites for the ego driven folks that have nothing else to say that might benefit the rest of us.

5 months ago
Reply to  Donn

I totally agree with this post. I refuse to use Facebook and deal with the complainers, morons and self pity people.

9 months ago

Sure, FB makes it easy to stay in touch or reconnect with folks, it also provides an unfiltered medium by which half truths and untruths can fly with equal energy as truth. It is often a great waste of time. Not to mention the “phishing” opportunities it provides and the fact that it’s subscribers are the “product” for those who profit financially from “the book of faces”.

10 months ago

There are a great deal of positive benefits that has come from Facebook and other social media.

4 months ago
Reply to  Bill

Name one.

Martin A
4 months ago
Reply to  TravelingMan

I am not Bill, but to name one benefit, I can easily connect with church members and friends to share prayer needs and testimonies, especially now while we cant go to church.

4 months ago
Reply to  Martin A

Are you on the Church site or your personal FB page?

And if it is the church, how do they secure your information? I’m not bashing churches. Ours use it to. I just don’t participate thru that medium. There is Sunday, Wednesday and there are numerous email opportunities. We also use the phone. And we live blocks away from the church.

10 months ago

I like the idea of the private pages, but I haven’t stayed on FB long enough to figure out how to set one up. So, no thanks.

10 months ago

The ONLY “social media” I enjoy is RVTravel.com. I do no care at all what someone had to eat, or what they saw at the Grand Canyon, or quite frankly, almost anything., If you have a new grand kid, call me or write me a letter or email if you really care about me. My wife decided she thot she needed a smart phone so we got a inexpensive one. One night she got a text stating “did you enjoy your diner at Steak n Shake?” The next day was a text, “did you have a good experience at Joann fabrics?’ What the heck? We turned it off and took the battery out – who was following us around? A friend found some sort of GPS thing or something on the phone and removed it for us. Only stupid people should have smart phones because they seem to like to video their crimes and let the cops know who they are and where to find them.
Sorry for the soap box and if you like your social media that is fine with me. Don’t ask me about cable TV. OH, I’m not on Face Book.

10 months ago

This is the first survey that I was totally at a loss for how to respond. Yes, I like FB and I’m on it daily and have located lots of lost friends. I also have a private FB page for our RV’g that is shared with family and close friends only. BUT, I wanted to answer No because I hate the fake news and the politics and the way it has divided family and friends. I have defriended a number of people because I don’t care to have their political views shoved down my throat. What happened to the era where we didn’t know or care what political affiliation you were? I look forward to the day when a new medium will replace FB.

Have you also noticed in the last year or two that the younger generation does not use FB? The majority of users are the baby boomers.