Has Facebook made the world a better place?


When the subject of Facebook comes up in conversation, you get the idea that while some people love it, others detest it. There is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg’s college creation — initially designed to rate Harvard girls for his fellow classmates — has changed society.

The question many of us ask is, “Is that good or bad?”

What do you think? Is the world better off because of Facebook? Or not. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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6 days ago

I stopped using FB when it no longer let me use a fun and obviously fake user name. When they started asking for a driver’s license or other ID I got off it. And just in time. Shortly after that they had their big publicized data theft/hacking incident. Sorry China, I detest Communism and I’m not going to make it easier for you to track free citizens.

3 months ago

As I see things, Zuckerberg and Dorsey should both be taken out behind the barn and horsewhipped to the extreme. I don’t do Facebook or other social settings because all the data they collect is held in a recently built large warehouse in China for analysis by commies for who knows why?

Dave G G Houser
4 months ago


1 month ago

You forgot Acid Rock? I bet you spent that stimulus check form the government. SMH.

Dana Lakeman
6 months ago

The Las Vegas Police Department says Facebook is the #1 way people get their identities stolen. I don’t have an account and I’m surviving just fine.

Paul M DeFranco
6 months ago

Facebook initially made the world a better place. In its first few years it proved that technology can help bring the world a better understanding, bridge cultural gaps, provide insights in real time and a host of other things. Remember after the dot com crash, there was this huge distrust in the “internet”, FB helped legitimize the net again. When it stopped being a force to make a world a better place is when that ***** SuckenBerg monetized the site in order to make huge profits, go IPO and basically lied to everyone and sold out his users. From that day forward, we, you, the users have been used to make money. IN ways most don’t even think of. FB has data that since the dawn of time companies would pay any amount to have access too, and he sold us out and sold our data, all of it to the highest bidder. And yet. 230 million still use it every day. At this point FB is making the world a worse place.

Rory R
6 months ago

I certainly use facebook. I use facebook to communicate with user groups on facebook, keep up with and get in contact with old friends. If we have private matters, we certainly don’t blast it on facebook or any other social media. That’s what we use our cell or email for. I have friends scattered all over the U. S. and Canada and when I see a post from them it’s great. I refuse to let any social media outlet take over my life. In talking to many millennials it seems that social media is the center of their existence. The purpose is not to have thousands of folks on your friends list. For me I believe the number is at 167 currently, because if I don’t know you, haven’t gone to school or worked with you, or met you face to face in a social situation, you are not on my friend list.

D Haley
7 months ago

Facebook never have been there and never will. It’s like the national enquires. We have email, text, phone and oh the famous pen and paper and many video chat apps. I dont want pictures, private stuff broadcasted. I think an RVers Friend Site could be cool. To stay in contact with each other but not based with a search engine like Google. Something set up along like Microsoft teams. Has video, chat, friends list within that I would have a name search engine only to find someone within that site. Then you wonder how it would work and I think find because it would be friends talking to friends. Because I have heard my younger son state I just slammed that so and so person that he didn’t even know or sometimes on here it can be a little rough. Friends don’t slam friends it’s called friends for a reason. So no facebook has I only my opinion been destructive to humans as a whole there are many other applications that has helped the world.

7 months ago

I refuse to use Facehook, no I did not accidentally misspell it. Too many are hooked on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The news you often get is just plain wrong or misleading and rarely fact checked. This is why it is haevily used but Russian trolls and bots. It poorly informed people last election and it is doing it once again. If you just use it for family/friend pictures, looking up old classmates, etc., I don’t think it is bad. However, many, many people get their news on social media and that means you are getting misinformed regularly. It amazes me that the major news networks that have been around for 70 years, ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, PBS etc. are now being called “fake news”. While not perfect, they are highly accurate and very trustworthy.

7 months ago
Reply to  Lago

Or I call it “ Fakebook “ nothing is accurate anymore.

7 months ago

Facebook hit the streets when i was in my late 20’s. I was on Myspace shortly however deleted that account in 2007. Never got on Facebook. It seemed to me years ago that it had a massive potential to hijack my daily life, and exploit my digital life as well. There are 4 people in my family, one is 16YO, he was not even born when Fb hit, and no one in the house does FB. However we are the exception to the rule i think. An anomoly. I think in order to consider ones true position to Fb or Not, one has to look behind the curtain of the website. because once you see you cannot unsee what it is and how it has manipulated societys general ability to communicate effectivly. While it is mostly said “i just use it to keep up with friends”, the insidious transformation is that generally people who use it regularly are less capable of socializing one on one with other people face to face these days because it has changed the brain synapses of the way people communicate. to each their own.

Jim Prideaux
7 months ago

Never thought of it that way. Of course I and my friends mostly use it to post pictures of family and to wish each other happy birthday. Other than that I belong to special interest groups that were helpful such as asking out to swap out a trigger assembly on a pistol or advice on cabin locations for a cruise.

8 months ago

Facebook has been good and bad to improve the world. It is bias to a liberal slant, and does tend to bring out the worst more then the best in people.

8 months ago

I am not a fan of “Farsebook” at all.People have lost their job, been broken into when they say they are on vacation, tons of misinformation, and the list goes on and on..I do not have an account, and probably never will…

8 months ago

I have logged out of Facebook after watching respectable “grown ups” destroy another person’s life just because she did not agree with their “opinion”. I also have more free time to enjoy nature and learning about real things around me. On a side note, the people I work with everyday enjoy the “facebook drama“. It was once a great tool but now being misused.

9 months ago

This is a loaded question. I enjoy facebook as it is a fun place to chatter with friends. But as many have said, to many people use it a a vehicle to be mean and nasty and WAY to many people put much more personal info out there than anyone should.

What most people don’t realize is facebook is a giant advertising vehicle where you get bombarded with never ending ads and the data mined is used to send you ads in your email in-box.

It is perfectly good to use IF you are smart and make sure you keep your personal data to a minimum and don’t be a faceless jerk.

9 months ago

The survey needs a “Maybe” or Sort of”. A lot of great info on some sites but a lot of BS also!

10 months ago

Got off three years ago and do not miss it. It’s a wonderful tool for animal rescues and some business. But that’s about it as far as I’m concerned. I hate nosy people.

Ed Step
11 months ago

No opinion. I use FB and have for several years. It keeps me in contact with many friends I don’t get to see. It has its problems and what dosen’t. If we fear it, what else do we hide from. I refuse to be a recluse for fear of change.

11 months ago

Negative on FB. How many times have they been hacked? How many individuals are stalked? How many younger (and a few older) persons put their personal and sensitive information on FB in their profiles?

The reason most older persons refuse to use it is because they see and understand the potential dangers. Younger folks are niave and don’t understand the risk. You can tell them and show them til you are blue in the face. They are invincible or they don’t believe it will ever happen to them. All they have to do is watch what is already going on.

If you want to share with family, use an encrypted email service. It does the exact same thing. You can create groups. You can post pictures. You get instant notification on your phone if you IMAP your account. You get to choose who reads it and who doesn’t. Criminals are not looking at encrypted services. Like a house, they look for the easy way in

Yes, encrption costs a few bucks. The service we subscribe to is $9 a month. Its well worth your security.

11 months ago

I have mixed feelings. Yes, I like keeping in touch with friends. BUT I have no control over what friends see my feed due to FB’s algorhythms. FB controls that, not me. And speaking of control, they regularly censor material they think is controversial or “false”. It’s really not for them to determine, but they do it. I also know that people can’t read your “tone of voice” in postings and often misunderstand what you are saying. You have to be aware of all these things. It really gets frustrating at times.

R Hough
11 months ago

Been on Facebook for many years. I keep a small circle of considerate “friends” who enjoy easy communication, exchange of family photos, humor, news and also limited politics. I’ve had to unfriend one or two people, but that’s easy to do to maintain positive interactions. Maybe those who don’t like FB should try Instagram, other options, or stick to letter writing, phone calls or whatever works for them. Not a problem.