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Thief steals an RV and is busted for extensive fake ID lab in it

How many people “on the road” in an RV are using it for business? With the advent of internet communications, many people are abandoning stationary business locations and working from the road. YouTubers, visiting nurses, even writers for, for heaven’s sake! But one erstwhile road-working RVer has now traded his travel trailer in for a prison cell. His mobile ID theft lab is—at least temporarily—sidelined.

Counterfeiter at work

ID theft lab
Ryan Tichy

For Ryan M. Tichy, a 43-year-old who hails from Seattle, WA, it all started back at least as far as May 2018. Tichy, apparently a clever soul, got to work counterfeiting identification. Somehow the talented Tichy got his mitts on names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and even existing financial account numbers. Armed with the information, the rascally Ryan then printed up phony driver licenses with other folks’ names, but his own picture. He traveled about the Northwest, using the phony identification to make purchases in states like Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and even Nevada.

RV-cum-mobile ID theft lab

How he traveled about at first isn’t clear. But it wasn’t long before the freedom of the open road while ensconced in the comforts of an RV came to mind. Sure enough, Ryan Tichy worked his way into an RV dealership. Using phony credentials, he was able to successfully apply for an RV loan—in somebody else’s name, of course. Off he went with his new trailer.

ID theft lab
US District Court. Click to enlarge

When law enforcement types caught up with him in December 2020, they must have been a bit drop-jawed to see Tichy’s “mobile office.” Inside the rig were found “materials, machines, computers, and printers for use in producing counterfeit identity cards and debit/credit cards,” said a news release from U.S. Department of Justice. “The trailer also contained foils, blank stock for driver’s licenses, an embosser, a card punch, printers, counterfeit driver’s licenses in various stages of completion, and counterfeit credit cards.” Mobile ID theft lab, indeed.

This wasn’t the first rodeo for the diminutive five-foot-one Tichy. He’s also had multiple prior convictions for identity theft-related crimes. Those include prior federal convictions for Social Security Number fraud and possession of a document-making implement. Add to that, possession of counterfeit identification, and possession of stolen mail. Last week, a judge gave Tichy a 90-month stretch behind bars after he pleaded guilty to the charges against him for his adventures that stopped when caught in his mobile ID theft lab.



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2 months ago

I don’t like the word “ hideout”. What about shed on wheels? LoL

2 months ago

I don’t like the title or calling this criminal an RVer. He stole an RV and was using it as a hideout while stealing more.

I am an RVer who loves to travel and I have nothing in common with this thief.

I would like to suggest a different title. “Thief steals an RV and uses it as a hideout”

Diane McGovern
2 months ago
Reply to  Scott

Done! (Well, it’s been revised, anyway.) Thanks for the good suggestion, Scott! Have a great day. 😀 –Diane at

2 months ago
Reply to  Diane McGovern

Thanks Scott and Diane.

2 months ago

He’ll be out on parole in a couple of years and have his illicit activities cranked up again. He has already shown he won’t be rehabbed. He’ll be stealing from our nearly bankrupt Soc Sec and Medicare systems and causing many people the horrible grief and work that come with having their identity stolen.

It’s too bad we don’t have hard labor camps anymore. This kind of totally uncaring and immoral individual should be breaking rocks with a maul 12 hrs a day every day of his sentence. It wouldn’t “fix” him, but at least it would be punishment.

2 months ago
Reply to  Spike

There is no parole system for federal crimes (1984 Sentence Reform Act)

Neal Davis
2 months ago

I wonder if he only stole the identity of short people (unlikely, he probably lacked that information), or if his height and weight were substituted for that of the people he purported to be (likely)? Five feet, one inch makes for noticeably short man. And, I agree , the scope and scale of his operation, coupled with prior convictions make 7.5 years seem far too light a sentence.

2 months ago

People need to recognize the level of criminal activity is rampant, the main reason being a lack of punishment. These crimes where no one got hurt is just not true. All of us got hurt. Whatever the state of “this” is, it is not working.

2 months ago

Seems like those who are defrauding and stealing aren’t getting more time behind jail. How are the people they defrauded or stole from get their due justice? So wrong.

Tommy Molnar
2 months ago

Seven and a half years? Probably get seven years off for good behavior. If he was sentenced in WA, he’ll be out for sure.

2 months ago

To short of a sentence!

2 months ago
Reply to  robert

Not only that but he will probably make a deal of some sort and be back in business in just a few short months. Prisons are too crowded you know.

2 months ago
Reply to  robert

I guess the judge thot “short sentences for short people”. ?

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