Saturday, September 24, 2022


Amazing RV folds up, squeezes into van on the road

By Chuck Woodbury
Every week we come across another spectacular example of innovation in the RV world. This “camping house” is among the most unique we’ve seen.

The Hungarian-made ioCamper is stored inside a normal van during travel. But at the campsite it slides out, then unfolds for a spacious three-room living space.

But don’t rush out looking to buy one. It’s not yet in production. The company is looking for investors to be able to produce additional units to take to RV shows and other exhibitions to attract backing to mass produce the unique campers.

To appreciate this, watch the short video. And if you’ve got some money to spare and want to invest, click here to the company’s website.


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Tom smithbrother
2 years ago

An empty folded up box. where doe one put all of their stuff?

Donald Wright
3 years ago

Hey, they can take over the “Lil Snoozy” assembly plant !

David McKee
3 years ago

Would be just ideal in New Zealand plenty of space in our country. Love the TV screen opening picture a beach scene from Wharaweke beach on the top of the Westcoast of South Island of New Zealand.

J. O.
3 years ago

Looks like a lot of work to set up. I like having an RV because its simple. This might work where you want to put a cabin up or are staying long term. But then, where do you fit your stuff and your passengers? It looks like the van barely had room for this box and their suitcases..

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

I think I’ll pass. There seems to be a lot of setup time. And as Jeff states, too wide for most RV parks. I wonder how much water it carries or how big the holding tanks are.

3 years ago

A very interesting and neat concept. Unfortunately, it won’t work too well in the US and US Campgrounds. Too Wide for RV Parks. Maybe on BLM parks, for Boonedocking!

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