And the longest RV combo is …


We’ve been asking our readers for photos of the longest RVs and RV combos they’ve seen. This one is the longest by far, so far.

Doug Tolbert, Idaho, built this Powerhouse Coach a few years ago. It’s a 52-foot-long, quad-slide motorhome with the muscle of a semi truck, towing a 38,000-lb. trailer and a boat. With more than 400 square feet, the coach sleeps 8 comfortably. The length of the combo is 122 feet. Doug is the president of Powerhouse Coach, Inc.

Watch the video for a tour of the interior. And thanks to livingboondockingmexico for sending this in (and for their persistence).

If you know of a longer combo, please send it to us here.


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Notwithstanding the nightmare parking this rig, and getting it down the road without incident, I do not get it, never have never will.
The CEO and I have been RVing for over 50 years and delight in watching a rig similar to this drive in park and the slave who drives it set to work, yes work – setting it up, No envy here on my part at all, each to his own, but I have always thought getting away from the humdrum of daily life at home was about leaving something behind you had to preform to make it through a day and RVing alleviated that. Apparently not.
I do appreciate the beauty of this custom, I just think the guy who owns it will wear out keeping everything involved in this complicated rig intact long before his time. Happy trails.


How funny you post this now. I had submitted it three times when the talk began about the longest rv.


Nice RV and good picture but I lived in Idaho most of my life drove truck and hauled over size loads. This RV with would not be legal to drive on the road. 105 feet is the max combination you can drive on Idaho roads. You can get a permit for a longer load if it can not be shortened but because the boat trailer can be removed there is no way to get a permit to tow it.


Just wondering…as long as this is (and presumably, illegal in most if not all states), if the driver has an accident, would the insurance company cover it?

Dave J

So in what states can he pull that combo (including the boat and trailer)?
I want to be able to triple tow myself (truck, a TT, and boat) but don’t know where I can and can’t.
At present I tow my 5th wheel and a trailer for our UTV and find many restrictions on THAT.

Brenda G

How many times must “size doesn’t matter” be reiterated?


Just one question: Why?


I have no interest period.

Bob p

They better stay well into the west as anywhere near the Midwest will be illegal without very expensive oversized permits and escort vehicles, plus being limited to only certain highways. Forget about eastern states, many of those states it’s difficult to maneuver a 70’ truck trailer combination.


There are not that many states that allow for a double tow let alone 122 feet in length. The NYS Thruway would but once you get off, you have to dump one of the towed units as it is illegal on any other roads in NYS. SO the owner is VERY limited as to where they can use this rig.

Dave W

Besides needing a CDL, where do you camp, errr, park with that monstosity My guess is that it is never used as such. We have parked all over the US and can’t recall but one CG that might have a site that would contain this …. thing..


Calling ahead to an RV Park: “I’d like a Pull Thru Please”! Do you have a space that is 122 ft. long?