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RV Tire Safety: Are there stupid questions about tires?


with RV tire expert Roger Marble

I recently ran across a thread where there was a rather basic question on inflation where someone claimed to have “searched everywhere” to find how much pressure to put in his tires.

After dozens of posts on my blog,, and on, I have to admit I am disappointed that he hadn’t found any of my info. I do know that many times a simple Google search on the tire-related topic will show this blog a few times.

There are no stupid questions. Ask questions and learn something new every day. But clearly, stupid answers are a real possibility.

I sort of agree but do wish that more people learned how to use the “search” function on forums as many questions have already been answered more than once. Also, learn how to efficiently use Google.

My problem is that I simply do not have the time to answer the same question multiple times a week. For example, “How much air do I need in my tires?”

When it comes to motorhome tires and inflation it doesn’t make any difference if your MH is blue or silver – the way to learn how much air the tires need is the same. Without making a minimal effort to learn what to do and simply expecting someone to give you the proper answer, e.g., “You need to inflate your tires to 94.565 psi,” is not the correct answer.

The saying about teaching someone how to fish rather than just giving them the fish applies here.

How do we “teach” people that they need to learn how to search the Internet as the answers to most questions are already there?

I am pretty confident that with more than 400 posts I have at least touched on just about any question people might have relating to tires or valves in RV application.

If I have missed a topic please feel free to send me an email ( tireman9(at) ).

I do hope we all have a Happy and tire-problem-free Holiday.

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2 years ago

To enhance Rogers Comments about STUPID QUESTIONS: “The only Stupid Question, is the One You Don’t Ask”!

2 years ago

Start by getting your RV weighed at each wheel. Then consult the tire manufactuer’s data for your tire and see their recommended tire pressure. On Dually’s, set pressure for the highest weight setting, per your actual weight.
Under-inflated is more dangerous than over-inflated, but not by much.