Thursday, December 8, 2022


Is this message funny, offensive or the work of a sick mind?


By Chuck Woodbury

Is this funny? I found it on the back of a pickup truck. It’s printed right on the vehicle.

My thought when I spotted this was, “How could a person be so angry that he would go to the trouble of painting such a message on his vehicle?”

I can’t say it offends me, because I am long past being offended by bad language or even offensive messages — bumper stickers would be a good example.

But, why would someone intentionally choose to permanently display his anger on the back of his car for all to see? Does he think it’s funny — that it makes people laugh? Or is he just plain angry at the world, a bitter man?

I use “he” instead of “she” because my experience is that men tend to say things like this far more than women.

What do you think? Please respond to the poll.


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2 years ago

I wonder what the poll results would have been five or 10 years ago.

Sink Jaxon
2 years ago

To me it’s a sad representation of where our society is at presently. Sorely lacking in manners, civility and decorum.

2 years ago

I think it’s funny, because it’s true! For a lot of us, as we get older we become more “comfortable” with who we “REALLY” are. We know our strengths and shortcomings and accept them (and hopefully do the same for other’s.) So, we’re not nearly as worried about what others “think” of us, as we were when we were younger.

Scott R. Ellis
2 years ago

I’m far more offended by the semi-literate grammar than by the (mostly humorous) message itself.

James LaGasse
2 years ago

Is he angry or just finally at a point in his life that he is not going to let others intimidate him, insult him, put him down, try to control him or just negatively influence him, if it is a him and not a her.

2 years ago

I too have a list (in my head) of people who can kiss my a$$!

It goes hand in hand with another quote that I would love to put on the back of our truck

“While you’re talking about me behind my back,
Lean down and kiss my {bleeped}!”

Larry Pousson
2 years ago
Reply to  Lori

Well said…

John Chlebowski
2 years ago

I’ve sent this note to our Governor, both US Senators, State Senator and the Representative in Congress.

Dear Governor DeSantis.
Open up the campgrounds. There is no logical reason for closing them. It’s a lot safer to protect yourself in your own RV than it is in a hotel when traveling.
We the RV owners DEMAND that you open the campgrounds NOW!
Thank you
Florida voter.

Steve Kight
2 years ago

The powers that be have to worry about the safety and comfort of a lot more people than the .3 % of the U.S. population that are full time RVers. Demanding that the government puts your needs above the good of the majority sounds awfully selfish to me.

Alfred Cutting
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve Kight

Steve ; You are wrong, the powers that be are not worrying about safety; It’s the dollar~ 0.3% of the population doesn’t have a big bucket. follow the money & look behind the curtain; It’s not demanding ,it’s about being sensible. End of story.

Drost Victoria
2 years ago

I agree. What were you thinking? Obviously you weren’t.

Dry Creek
2 years ago

It’s only sorta’ funny – because it is so true.

I take a look at society today and can only shake my head in disbelief. The world is stuck on self-affirmation. I have never seen vanity rise to such a level in my life. Everyone has to stop and take a “selfie” every ten feet they walk, when they’re not posting updates to their Facebook account.

Some folks are so worried about not being accepted or “liked”, that they resort to the silliness of PC. People pretend to embrace whatever crazy new notion is floated on the mainstream news in order to stay hip and cool. No, there are not more than two genders. No, giving the government more money in taxes is not going to resolve any real or imagined climatic condition. No, not every single person out there is special and different. You get the drift.

So, when someone says “I don’t really care what you think about me”, I find that refreshing. We need more honest people in the world. Someone who’s not afraid to call attention to the elephant in the room. Someone who’s brave enough to not worry about how many “friends” or “likes” they have on some vane diatribe about their life and views.

As far as all of you social media mavens, thriving on the affirmation of those without a true and purposeful life (like you), get over yourselves. The entire world really doesn’t care what you’re doing right now, where you’re eating, what you think. No, you are not the sun in life’s solar system. Sorry if that made you sad. Go to your safe space and color, and grumble about us old mean codgers out there – living life…

Billy Bob Thornton
2 years ago

It’s called, letting it go. Or in a more pleasant way of saying it, It Is What It Is. He just says it in a more attention getting way.

EG Willy
2 years ago

Sometimes some folks should keep their feelings to themselves. ‘Nuff said.

2 years ago

We have friends who have been notified their reservations in late April have been cancelled at a private campground in Pennsylvania. I am wondering if my reservation for the Memorial Day weekend along with our group of friends who have been camping that weekend for nearly forty years will be cancelled out.
We can only hope a vaccine for this Covid-19 virus is found soon.

I recently stayed in a motel, for a night travelling from Florida to New Jersey. I thought about all the chances of coming in contact with the virus in my room. Staying in your own RV is a whole lot safer.

2 years ago

I didn’t do the poll because none of them are how I feel about it. Maybe if there is an “I understand it” option. You take crap your whole life from people because you “have” to. You just get to a point where you are not going to take it anymore. I just take it as a caution and wouldn’t push the guy/gal, but it would not stop me from saying hello or have a nice day. Now if that is pushing it, I would just back away and leave them be. Kinda like a rattler.

2 years ago

I think it express my feelings perfectly considering the mentality of so many people today. I strongly support the freedom of speech but I think too many people abuse the right and privilege in using it. I would love to know the age group and whether they’re liberal or conservative in the ones that found it offensive. No matter what you say you’re going to offend someone.

Marty chambers
2 years ago

Lighten up people, grow some hide.

And since when is {bleeped} a bad word? Please! Get off your high horse, or {bleeped}.

Some people just have to judge others, pathetic.

Connie VH
2 years ago

It’s not funny OR serious, necessarily. It’s a Universal Truth of Life and Aging

The older we get, the more we realize we don’t really need the approval of all for everything … or for ANYTHING.

Besides, don’t we all have our list? We just keep it more to ourselves, while this person decided to let the world know they don’t need to waste his (?) time with their complaining.

And don’t be so sure its a ‘he’. Trust me on this.😉

2 years ago
Reply to  Connie VH

Oh Connie! You hit it right on the head! Thanks!

Steven Sims
2 years ago

Those folks who voted it’s the work of a disturbed person…. Add them to the list!

Captn John
2 years ago

It is funny and a little truth too I’m sure. The PC people probably think it is terrible but those are the ones he is talking about!

2 years ago

It’s funny. Of course, there are those of us that are so unneccesarily WOKE, (new word of the day), that we pee our pants at the very mention of the word “GUN” oh my! And when we speak of our Wife or Husband we use the term “PARTNER”. Get a life, it’s shorter than you think!

Jack Blackwell
2 years ago

It’s his truck and he is expressing his opinion. Whether or not I choose to read it and act on it is my decision. What I do remember from my NCO academy days is, “I may not agree with what a man has to say, but I will fight to the death for his right to say it.”

John W
2 years ago

It’s not funny. It’s serious. I think many of us retired people feel the same. Probably a lot of those who work for people who don’t know what they are doing, or who do favoritism also feel that way, but can’t publicly say it.