Get a serious grip on RV condensation


by Jim Twamley

Dealing with condensation is a fact of RV life. Moisture is the RV’s worst enemy so you need to be aggressive in preventing it from causing damage.

Most often condensation will form on the windows of your RV during the night when you’re asleep. As you breathe, you exhale moisture into the air. When it’s cold outside RVers tend to close all the windows and vents, trapping moisture vapor inside the RV. The airborne moisture finds its way to the windows and forms a condensation of water droplets.

Our motorhome has dual pane windows everywhere except the windshield. No condensation forms on the dual pane windows but collects on the windshield instead. If you allow the condensation to remain on the window it will run down and pool on your dash. I normally use a towel to remove this excess moisture. I prefer microfiber towels because they have superior absorbent qualities.

Simply run the towel across the glass and you’re done. The best thing about these towels is they don’t leave streaks. Microfiber towels are great for RVs and can be purchased at hardware stores, RV parts stores, and warehouse stores like Costco. I buy mine at Costco because they have high-quality towels at a great price.

Don’t forget that venting your RV helps remove excess moisture, especially when cooking and showering. I really appreciate the fantastic vents we’ve had in our RVs over the years. They quickly remove odors and moisture from your RV. When you store your RV over the winter it’s a good idea to use a dehumidifier. Clearing the air on condensation Jim Twamley, Professor of RVing