Another example of how slobs are ruining our camping


This is why we all need to be responsible campers, and even go beyond the call of duty sometimes to clean up after the slobby Neanderthals in our midst.

With the shortage of available campgrounds and so many new RVers coming on the scene, the last thing we need is to lose more places to camp. A reader sent this photo of a sign at a Forest Service dispersed camping area as a reminder of what happens when too many slobs invade our public lands. —Chuck Woodbury

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Renee Galligher
2 years ago

We love boondocking and when we arrive at an area where others have left their trash, we put on gloves, grab a yard bag and pick it all up. Doesn’t matter that we didn’t leave it, we want to leave it cleaner when we leave.

2 years ago

Just went to NYS forest in the Adirondacks with disbursed camping. I was ashamed. Too bad the people who use these spots aren’t. Fire pit heaped and smoldering with diapers, plastic juice bottles, rubbish spilling out. Outhouse a disaster with toilet paper and paper towels all over, duct taped toilet seat. We have decided to pick up after these situations and will keep garbage bags in our vehicles.

Traveling Man
2 years ago

Unfortunately, those same “Slobs” never read articles like this. In fact, many probably don’t read period. Big brother has the equipment to watch over these campgrounds and arrest or ticket those who cannot seem to comply. You and I cannot stop it. It’s a sad day and inevitably it will give the government a reason to shut down free and wonderful camping. Just wait…

Eric Meslin
2 years ago

Currently in a NY state park. Just watched my neighbor leave their tent with a “chamber pot” and dump in the bushes. I guess 100 feet to dump in a flush toilet is just too far.

Judy G
2 years ago

Having been a full-time RVer for over 10 years, I always make it a practice to pickup litter and waste that others have dropped. My theory is that seeing litter sends the message, “Everybody’s doing it.” Perhaps seeing clean areas also sends a message to keep it that way.

2 years ago
Reply to  Judy G

Hooray! Let’s all do that! Peer pressure works!