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Another RV Horror Story! Warranty nightmare

This was posted (slightly edited here for clarity) at our Facebook Group RV Horror Stories. It’s hard to believe this could happen. We hope the buyer has a good lawyer.

“We decided to spend the month of January in Lake Havasu, second trip in our Leprechaun 260DS. First trip we only spent a few days in any one place before moving on so never used the gas hot water heater, depended on the electric one for what little dishes I washed.

“After leaving there, we had to use the gas heater. It wouldn’t light. We called a mobile RV guy who came out right away, tested the circuit board, pronounced it dead, stating that Dometic had released a bad batch of these boards. He replaced it and was on his way.

“Now the horror story starts. We are now home so I called to get reimbursed for warranty work. Found out that our motorhome warranty is not registered in our name. The dealership apparently sold this unit in March 2018, registered the warranty in that entity’s name, then sent them on their way. That buyer changed their mind and returned the unit (800 extra miles on it) before they registered and titled it. The dealer put it back on the lot and proceeded to sell it to us in July 2018 as a new unit.

“The kicker is the dealer failed to cancel the warranty registration so all warranty work can only be obtained by the non-buyer. They tried to blame Coachmen for the screw up when it was something they failed to do. Now the wait is on to see when, and if, they get this issue corrected. I’m pissed I got a used unit but it explains why all the latches were broken and the slide was messed up when we got it.”

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3 years ago

The dealership was probably acting lawfully, if not ethically, when they sold the unit as new. A unit is usually considered new until it has been titled. That’s how you can purchase demo vehicles with new vehicle warranties. Since the first buyer never titled the unit, it could still be sold as new. The dealership’s error was in not cancelling the warranty registration when the unit was returned. That’s not a difficult process in automobiles, I doubt if it’s that difficult to do on an RV. They shouldn’t have a huge problem getting the warranty transferred to the correct buyer’s name. If they had done it right, the customer would never have known that the unit had been sold previously. Of course, an ethical dealer would have honored the warranty claim, reimbursed the customer and straightened things out with the manufacturer.

William H. Prough
3 years ago

Sue them! Lawyer Up!

3 years ago

That’s a NEW ONE!

The Dealer should be on the hook for the warranty repairs until they get this all sorted out with Coachman. Also, is the State Registration in the other buyers name too? That would have to be corrected too and more fees paid to the state and that should be on the Dealer also!

You should also get some kind of reimbursement from the Dealer for them selling you a USED RV, not New!

Push come to shove here, contact your State Attorney Generals Office for Consumer Affairs and get them involved too.

Jim vaughn
3 years ago

I hope it was bought as a used unit. Sounds like a call to the states attorneys general fraud division should be done, and sue for compensation

3 years ago
Reply to  Jim vaughn

It says in the article it was sold to them as NEW! The Dealer should be on the HOOK for everything, until this is settled and the Warranty should be Back dated to the July 2018 purchase date.

Jim vaughn
3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

My goof, the tax on the NEW unit would be more than a used unit. The state tax commission should also be involved in this mess and let them do a tax audit on the company. I bet this is an ongoing issue of fraud to other customers. Ask for the difference of sales tax and watch the state scream

3 years ago
Reply to  Jim vaughn

This is a HUGE Problem and this DEALER should be on the HOOK for everything concerning the New Owners, Warranty Issues and Licensing and Titles. Plus, I would guess they owe the New Owners some money too, for selling them a New vs. Used RV.

The RV industry is getting so ridiculous!

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