Breaking News: Suspect in Padre Island RVers murders arrested


(November 6, 2019) — Mexican police have arrested the suspect in the killing of RVers James and Michelle Butler. Adam Curtis Williams, 33, was arrested today, (Nov. 6) in Jalisco, Mexico, a western Mexican state fringing the Pacific Ocean. He is believed to have fled to Mexico along with Amanda Noverr on October 21 at Eagle Pass. It’s not clear if Noverr was also detained.

Adam Curtis Williams

Williams is accused of stealing a truck and trailer belonging to the Butlers, of New Hampshire who were found buried in a shallow grave last week on Padre Island. He has a long history of crime and convictions in Utah. He was released last December from federal prison on a supervised release.


Utah court records show that Williams was charged in September with single counts of object rape, a first-degree felony; forcible sodomy, a first-degree felony; and forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony. He was scheduled to appear in Logan, Utah’s 1st District Court on Monday, but did not show up, according to court records. A warrant has been issued for his arrest in connection with the missed court appearance.

Williams is also wanted for failing to appear in court in connection with a case where he was charged with three felonies including aggravated assault and assault by prisoner. Court records show that he did not appear at an Oct. 8 hearing in Logan, causing a bench warrant to be issued.

Read our previous article about this crime and efforts to locate Williams.

BELOW: Adam Curtis Williams, the man charged with felony theft in connection with the deaths of James and Michelle Butler, was arrested in Mexico and extradited back to the U.S. on Wednesday, Nov. 6. This is footage of him being taken to the Kleberg County Jail following his extradition.

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Anybody who tatoos themselves up that much is just a loser in my book. I’m sure I will be attacked for posting that, but take a close look at them.


This guy is your BASIC Career Criminal. Criminal History going back to 2004, making him about 18 years old!

I am also willing to bet, if you dig deeper, you would find he has been in trouble with the Law most of his life! Just another Total LOSER!

Need to put him in the FEDERAL SUPER MAX Prison in Colorado and leave him there!


I don’t understand how someone with such a violent past and served prison time for those convictions was ever granted bail. It is beyond belief. I have not heard anything more on our local news down here in the RGV, but I read an online report that the woman has also been extradited back to the U.S. Our local news also said they had her three year old child with her. The suspects also were in possession of the couples truck and rv. I did find this article on it.


i have too agree with the comments on here, if this guy was in jail these people would most likely be alive. People with a history of being in and out of jail need to stay locked up for the rest of there life.
I had my truck broken into in the late 90’s. The guy who broke into my truck has a history of being in and out of jail. Once the guy who broke into my truck gets out of jail he will no longer be under supervision of the state of Wisconsin. Who’s to say this guy will not commit more crimes against me or other people?


I couldn’t say strongly enough: 3 felony and you spend life in prison – never getting out. If judges want these types continually released, let them be their next door neighbor. Same with the drunks with 13 DUI and kill a family. They should never drive again and if they do – they get life to protect the REST of us.

Billy Bob Thorton

Ok, who ever said profiling is too PC, is really dumb. This dude stumbling around the beach near my unit, I’m hooking up and leaving yesterday.


These are NOT human beings! Just Human Waste!

This guy needs to be buried under the Jail and not get “3 HOTS and a COT” everyday at Taxpayers expense.

I hope with some luck, the woman who was with him will simply turn on this creature and tell the whole story of what happened on Padre Island!

I have read stories (they are all over the internet) about recovering the truck they stold, but where is the Trailer?? Oh, and don’t forget the 3 Cats the Butlers had too!

Had this creature not been released in Utah, with the promise to come back, the Butlers would probably still be alive!

OK, off the soapbox once again!

You all be safe out there and watch your backs!

David Allen

Multiple arrests. Just got out of Prison. Supervised release. Commits more crimes. Flees state and kills two people. And people think rehabilitation works.


Kudos to the Mexican police!!


Another good reason to have your own personal protection, and train your co-pilot on how to use it! Whether Mace, gun or other…..Practice, Practice, Practice! Sad we have to watch our backs so much nowadays. We, as avid campers, need to keep an eye out for each other!

Brenda G

Please, include this photo and addt’l info (Instead of the clean-cut one at top of your) article) to gain full insight of this heinous individual.


First order of business…Change that monster from a rooster to a hen.