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Ask Dave: ‘I found the cause of the cold water line trickle!’


I got a question from a reader, Chris, who had only a trickle from the cold water line going to the kitchen faucet in his RV (a 2015 Nexus Viper 27). That article is here. Here is what he found after I responded to his question.

Hi Dave,
I am writing to update you regarding what I found after you responded to my question online.

With some more checking, believe it or not, I found a glob of caulking blocking my freshwater inlet hose, where it connects between the pump inlet and the freshwater tank line. I was very surprised to find caulking.

Cause of cold water line trickle

After examining the entire fresh water holding tank connections and lines, I discovered that when the manufacturer (nuCamp) installed the freshwater fill tube, they secured the tube at each end with metal hose clamps. However, they ALSO put an excessive amount of caulking around those connections. I can only guess that water was leaking at one or both ends, so the installer stopped the leak with caulking. There really should be no reason to use caulking. Instead, the installer should have made a better connection using hose clamps.

I am attaching photos so you can see what I found. After I removed the glob of caulking, I tried sucking water through the inlet hose (from the tank).  I got very little water, but there was also a small amount of plastic shavings. The shavings have been a known issue, because nuCamp was (maybe still is) drilling a hole in the plastic freshwater tank for the fresh water to be drawn out by the pump. This in turn left plastic shavings inside the tank, which then led to blocking the freshwater line hose.

Water line is still blocked

Regardless, the water line is still blocked, so I can only assume that there is more caulking and/or plastic shavings further blocking the water line. I do not believe there is any issue on the outlet side of the pump. The screen/strainer is clean, so it does not appear that anything got past the caulking blockage.

It is now likely that I am going to have to completely remove and replace the freshwater line, as well as the freshwater fill tube. This will include replacing several sections of PEX tubing, which is something I have never done before. However, I purchased the crimping tool and I have a fair amount of DIY plumbing experience, so I should be able to replace it all without too much trouble.

I have written to the manufacturer requesting that they supply me with the necessary parts and technical assistance, if needed. Keeping my fingers crossed.Thanks again for your help and expertise.  It is very much appreciated. —Chris

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18 days ago

The water flow in our half bath was horrible. I took the air aerator off and the flow was great, what I found was 5 screens instead of 1. I checked the full bath and it also had 5 screens. Why Moen did that is beyond me, now I have 8 spare screens and everything works great.

19 days ago

Shotty work, Mfg’s don’t care even if you file a complaint, Dealers are the same! Their was 27 items wrong when we returned our 2021 Bighorn Traveler 39rk. I have grown so tired of calling that I handled most of the flaws myself. If your not a handyman DON’T purchase a new RV, buy a 2-3 year old.

Kelly F
19 days ago

I ran into a similar situation with my outside shower. Not enough water flow to spray, it was just a heavy dribble. When I disassembled it I found insulation filtering the water at the base of the showerhead. Fortunately removing that solved the problem!

19 days ago

Yep, I have to check my water pump filter often as the white shavings from manufacturers drilling out the openings end up in the filter.

19 days ago

Hi Chris, I was following your situation, how weird that it took 7 years for it to almost stop. Great story that you provided us, but looks like there’s going to be another update! Oh ya. I would be very-very surprised if the manufacturer is going to even reply to you at all!
Thanks for keeping us up on your situation!
PS: That fresh water tube will most likely continue to give you fits as it’s not designed to be used in that manner. I’ve been dealing with a similar situation with our kitchen drain hose, the tube is called “corrugated flexible PVC hose”.

Tom H.
19 days ago

When we installed our washer/dryer it leaked all over the closet and bedroom floor because water was not draining through the pipe. I was able to shine a light down the drain and saw some obstruction. I then disassembled the drain pipe in the closet wall and found the HepvO valve (I had never seen one of those!). Anyway the valve was full of plastic shavings from construction which was causing it to stick closed. Once I cleaned it out it has worked great for 2 years now. A simple cleaning of the system by the manufacturer or better QA at the plant could’ve caught this but that’s how it goes.

Bob p
19 days ago
Reply to  Tom H.

Probably a result of the manufacturers dropping the requirements for drug testing new hires.

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