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Will your next passenger vehicle be powered by electricity?

Whether you’re an electric vehicle supporter or not, there’s no denying they’re becoming more popular, and more widely produced by the day. Almost every major automobile manufacturer has, or is coming out with, an electric vehicle. And, if not fully electric, at least partially.

Do you think the next passenger vehicle you buy will be electric? What about an RV? Hey, never say never. Those are a thing these days too, and getting more popular as we type this!

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below the poll. Thanks! (And may we remind you, please leave politics out of your comment. Thank you.)

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Joel (@guest_211203)
1 year ago

I don’t believe ev are the cure all. Look into the environmental issues involved in production of these short range vehicles, not to mention what to do with spent batteries. ICE’s run cleaner now than ever based on basically being a computer. How about our electric grid, it was a big issue until the push for electric. I’m sure someday we will find a suitable replacement, however, it will take time. We have resources now for ICE and we can continue research but we can’t continue to force the issue that fossil fuels are evil and the world suffers. One more thing, if you plan on a hybrid, check out your available miles before jumping into one. Obviously I’m not a fan.

Brian Burry (@guest_211184)
1 year ago

No! Just rent one for two weeks, actually take a trip in one, then you will know why they are still just rich man’s toys. Our son owns a Tesla S, the distance is nearly 45% less than advertised! With over 530 years of known US drillable Oil available, let’s be realistic and both generate petroleum jobs and a better, less expensive economy in America!

Tom (@guest_212091)
1 year ago
Reply to  Brian Burry


Joe (@guest_211137)
1 year ago

I tend to hold onto my vehicles for a long long time, if the vehicle is in good condition I have been known to rebuild an engine by myself or drop a new engine or transmission in. My oldest vehicle is 15 years old with 180,000 miles and in great shape so I suspect by the time I need to replace it my options will be very few.

DPJ (@guest_211179)
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe

The same for us and by the time electric can tow our fifth wheel we may be retired from being able to camp that way? 190,000 on my car and 14 years old and 79,000 on truck and it is 8 years old.

Ray Morgan (@guest_211134)
1 year ago

It would have to be able to be flat-towed.

Jeb (@guest_211131)
1 year ago

I would not mind getting a hybrid like the Maverick. That does not rely on infrastructure that does not yet exist.

Deborah Mason (@guest_211128)
1 year ago

We live in a very rural area. It’s about 70 miles to the closest traffic light & it’s in the next state. No charging station for over 100 miles

Ray (@guest_211124)
1 year ago

Don’t worry, my new EV soon to roll out will run on 4 D cell batteries 🙂 and have ultra leather seats 🙂

James (@guest_211122)
1 year ago

Very pleased to see the majority of the respondents aren’t drinking the cool aid. EVs are a threat to our freedoms and independence

Larry Lee (@guest_211120)
1 year ago

All my vehicles are sun powered: the sun grows the plants, the plants die and decay eventually producing oil which is refined and burned in all my vehicles. If I buy an electric vehicle, then I will burn the oil (or gas) at some remote location allowing me to sleep better at night knowing the efficiency with which I am producing actual motion using oil is about doubled.

Roy Davis (@guest_211116)
1 year ago

For me it would depend upon what I am looking for. If I am looking for something for around town, then I’d consider an electric vehicle. However I do occasionally need to travel over 500 miles and then I want a gas or diesel vehicle. I’m not totally opposed to electric vehicles but feel they are limited by the distance they can travel and the time it takes to recharge. I am also concerned about what we’re going to do with all these bad batteries in 10 years.

Neal Davis (@guest_211115)
1 year ago

Can an electric vehicle be flat-towed? If so, then my “probably not” answer holds. We expect to not replace our Grand Cherokee, but if we ever do, then it will only be with something that can be flat-towed.

Gary (@guest_211100)
1 year ago

Like you, I have learned to never say never, but there are just too many traditionally powered vehicles out there that I still want to own before I will switch to electric. I guess if the greenies get the price of gas up over ten dollars a gallon, I might have to rethink my position.

James (@guest_211123)
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary

Even if gas prices soar, the more EVs on the road will cause electric rates to soar, then it’s a double whammy, your home energy costs also. It’s already started

Rich (@guest_211096)
1 year ago

not a snowball’s chance.

Gary G (@guest_211121)
1 year ago
Reply to  Rich

AGREE 100%. Technology has not arrived yet for a useful everyday vehicle. Long ways to go.

Ray (@guest_211095)
1 year ago

Too soon for me but not the early adopters. Until the cradle-to-grave pollution potentials for lithium and its sources for charging are addressed, I’ll stick with the internal combustion engine. And even then, I will likely go hybrid. Having dual sources of power seems to be a better fit for the storms ahead.

bill (@guest_211094)
1 year ago

Not too long ago RV Travel had an article or survey of the average age of RV buyers … Corresponds directly with today’s question.
Us naysayers to electric will soon quit RVing (or anything else) due to intransigent thought and, well, dying off.

Last edited 1 year ago by bill
Thomas D (@guest_211093)
1 year ago

I voted no but if they where affordable, then yes, I’d love one. My daily commute is say 25 miles. Only occasionally would i put on 60 miles. I’m not paying in excess of $70k for a car.

tom (@guest_211082)
1 year ago

Looking to get the Ford Maverick, when and if. Hybrid is flat towable. It will replace both my pick-up and my current towed. Still has usable storage and great gas mileage.

Michal Vorkapich (@guest_211080)
1 year ago

You are missing a category. Undecided. So that’s my choice.

Scott (@guest_211138)
1 year ago

They are also missing He** No.

kat (@guest_211076)
1 year ago

Maybe a hybrid. The technology is not yet there to have a vehicle travel over 500 miles reliably (and add cold winter weather to the equation) at this time. I do keep studying it and it is coming along slowly though!

Jeff Craig (@guest_211075)
1 year ago

Definitely, YES!
Jeep is working on a flat-towable Plug-in Electric Hybrid, and when It comes time to part with my 2008 Liberty I’ll be looking to get something along those lines. I could even go for a Patriot type commuter car, as long as I could flat tow it.

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