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Ask Dave: How often should I lubricate my RV’s slide mechanism?

Dear Dave,
My RV has two slideouts. The bed is enclosed; however, the living room is exposed. How often should the arm underneath be lubricated? —Michael, 2007 Terry 305RLDS by Fleetwood

Dear Michael,
Most slide room mechanisms do not require much maintenance or lubrication; however, it does depend on the type of mechanism. Fleetwood used the Power Gear system typically for the larger slide rooms and a Kwikee electric slide for the bed. That unit sits inside the bed pedestal with a single rail.

Power Gear Slideout maintenance

According to the Lippert Service Manual for Fleetwood slide mechanisms, this is most likely what the mechanisms look like. According to the manual, here is what they recommend for maintenance:

Your Power Gear Slideout system has been designed to require very little maintenance. To ensure the long life of your Slideout system, read and follow these few simple procedures:  

When the room is out, visually inspect the inner slide rail assemblies. Check for excess buildup of dirt or foreign material. Remove any debris that may be present.

If the system squeaks or makes any noises, it is permissible to apply a coat of lightweight oil to the drive shaft and roller areas. Remove any excess oil so dirt and debris do not build up.

If you have any problems or questions consult your local authorized dealer or call us at 574-537-8900.

Years ago, the Power Gear technician recommended 3-IN-ONE® oil at the bearings of the gear.

Your rig should have a rod with gears underneath that ride on the gear. Even if it is slightly rusty, it is not necessary to lubricate or clean it. I do know that some companies do recommend spraying a lubricant such as CRC, but you have to completely wipe off all the excess, which is quite a task.

More items to check on slide mechanism

It is more important to make sure nothing is bent, the teeth are all in good condition on the bar and gear, and nothing is binding. You should also have a wiring harness hanging down that should be inspected to make sure it is not wearing or binding.

Another important inspection area is the rubber seals around the room. There should be a bulb type seal both inside and out that the room flange compresses to seal. This should be inspected and conditioned to keep it soft and reduce cracking when exposed to the harsh sun.

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9 days ago

I had the rack and pinion set up as shown in the photo. When the pinion seized I found the repair kit at an RV dealer for around $70.00. I sourced all the parts needed from various sources around town and fixed the problem for a total of $6.00

9 days ago

The Winne factory techs say only lube the rails occasionally and no gears/rollers- Power Gear. The rollers are sealed at lubed internally.

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