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Awning Side Sun Shades help keep your campsite cool



You are probably daydreaming of summer right now, and its bright blue skies and sunny warmth helping you recover from the bone-chilling cold, rain and snow of winter. But before long, you will be seeking shelter from a hot summer sun. You may not want to think about that yet, but having efficient, properly placed protection from the direct sun for your RV patio and its positioning on the campsite in relation to the sun’s rays will soon be staring you in the face.

That’s when you really appreciate your awning, and maybe you already have a front shade for when the sun sinks low and shines directly in under your awning. But have you thought about when the sun shines through on either side of your awning? No awning can block the sun and give you shade when that happens, and it’s unlikely you can change the position of your rig crosswise on your site pad to give you afternoon shade. 

That’s when Tentproinc’s Awning Side Sun Shades will bathe your cozy patio in a wonderful, cool shade. No need to leave your campsite anymore to find respite.


UV BLOCK & OPEN VIEW – Used as side RV awning, blocks about 86% of UV to protect your skin and eyes, but meanwhile offers a wide view.
LOWER TEMPERATURE – Provides you a roomy and cozy shade place. Enjoy your time comfortably even in crazy hot days.
REDUCE WIND EFFICIENTLY – Breaks especially the force of cross-wind. You get a cozier field when using with a front shade.
EASY INSTALL & DISMOUNT – Lightweight and comfortable hand feeling. Two plastic stakes, 1 3-inch and 3 13-inch bungees, 2 pieces of zinc alloy hooks and 4 stainless steel drilling screws. Storage bag included.
Size: 7-foot extension and fits most awning brands such as Dometic, Carefree, Lippert, Fiamma, etc.

You can find the Tentproinc awning side shades on Amazon.

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