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Tayama Thermal Cooker works like a crockpot with little energy



Tayama Thermal Cooker

By Bob Difley

Crockpots and slow cookers are nice – if you are plugged into shore power. But when boondocking, not so much. But with the Tayama Thermal Cooker you can prepare those mouth-watering casseroles, stews, soups, veggies, and more with a fraction of the cooking time, and all for just minutes on a burner of your gas stove.

The Tayama TXM-70CFZ energy-saving thermal cooker is designed to provide easy convenience for busy people. With its special “heat-retention” cooking process and keep warm feature after turning off the stove, it is extremely safe to use and a great energy saver. Only ten minutes of energy use for perfect stews.

Cook while you are traveling. Will never overcook your food. Perfect cooking – retains the full flavors and nutrients of the food with no evaporation. You can leave it cooking while you go on a hike and the food will still keep warm until you return.


  • Capacity: 7 quart
  • Economical, time-saving and energy saving 80% of electricity or gas
  • Suitable for potlucks and family gatherings, picnics, camping, and outdoor travel use
  • Food stays warm even after six hours
  • Reduce stovetop cooking time to only 10-15 minutes, saving on propane. Let the thermal cooker do the rest!

You will find the Tayama Thermal Cooker on Amazon where it is rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Information from Tayama.

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5 years ago

OK I read some of the comments on Amazon. Most were pretty good, but looks like the handle will break pretty easily. Also not enough room to store more large appliances. So I will pass on this one and stick to my crockpot where I can load it and leave it.

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