Thursday, December 1, 2022


Boil your eggs to the egg-sact desired doneness


By Jim Twamley

Eggs are a big part of the RV lifestyle. How do I know? I asked you and, sure enough, you like eggs. You like them cooked dozens of ways. Ah, and for those who boil your eggs, let me tell you another way.

My brother-in-law has been using these Eggsact Eggtimers for a couple of years with great success, so I decided to get one to use in our RV. It’s very simple to use — just put it in a pot of warm water along with your eggs and cook. The timer begins to change color as the eggs cook. The color ring starts at the outside and works its way into the middle.

The indicator has several degrees of “doneness” to let you know when your eggs are just how you like them. In the picture it shows they are completely hard cooked. Once it cools down it changes back to its red color and it’s ready to use again.

You can pick these up at, Ace Hardware or practically any cooking store. Use it with any quantity of eggs and at any altitude. You could just use the microwave clock timer, but if you’re like me, you’ve ruined many eggs because you forgot to set the timer. It’s made from a hard resin and will take the rough-and-tumble ride in your RV’s utensil drawer.

Serving it up how you like it.

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