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OK, RV travelers, it’s time for another swell contest, brought to you by the fine folks at your favorite newsletter of all time (you know what we’re talking about). 

Here’s the question!

We have our winner so hold your entries:
Answer to question is below entry form

Can you identify the face in the photo? We’ve provided five possible answers. Your job is to pick the correct one. If you’re the 43rd qualified person to answer correctly, the prize is yours. But be sure to read the rules before you enter or you could be disqualified.

Today’s prize
Today, we’re giving away these beautiful, highly rated binoculars. They’re lightweight, compact and will provide brilliant detail at 1,000 yards even in low-light situations.

Congratulations to last week’s winner, Ruth Turski of Kissimmee, Florida. The answer to last week’s contest was “None of the Above”

Enter the Contest

Okay, take your best guess. Remember, the 43rd qualified person to answer correctly wins the prize.

The correct answer: It’s the face of Lady Liberty, the Statue of Liberty

• Only enter once or you’ll be disqualified.
• We can only ship prizes to addresses with a U.S. Zip Code or Canadian postal code.
• You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
• You must reply to us, confirming your mailing address, within 12 hours of being notified you are a winner. If not, we’ll hold the prize for another contest.
• If we have no winner by Monday, April 29, by 10 a.m. (Pacific), we will hold the prize for another contest.
• No purchase is necessary to enter, and we will not share your information in any way with outsiders unless you win, in which case we will announce your name and hometown to our readers.

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Mitch Stevens
Mitch Stevens

To the wonderful staff at This is NOT the face of the Statue of Liberty. It is the proposed muslin face of Lady Liberty in the original design that was not used in the final creation of the Statue of Liberty. Please review this link and please revise the contest results based on this. Clearly the picture you posted in the contest is far different from the actual face on the Statue of Liberty. Hard to believe I am the only one pointing this out in the comments section. Thanks for all you do…very much enjoy reading your… Read more »

RV Staff

Thanks for the comment, Mitch. Here is a quote from the Daily Beast, linked in the SFGATE article you attached: “To truly be Lady Liberty, the figure built with kids’ coins and originally conceived as a Muslim must remain a Muslim as well as a Christian and a Jew and a Hindu and a Buddhist and every other faith, even no faith at all.” Also, the caption below the image in that article says: “Statue of Liberty .. Liberty’s 17 foot 3 inch copper face, a likeness of the sculptor’s mother, stands uncrated ready for assembly on Bedloe’s Island (… Read more »

Mitch Stevens
Mitch Stevens

Hi Diane… Yea…I read the whole article. I respectfully disagree with your assessment. The face posted in the contest was the original design NOT USED in the Statue of Liberty. As you stated…you think it looks like Elvis. It clearly is not the face on the Statue of Liberty. Just go to this web page and compare them side by side.

Mitch Stevens
Mitch Stevens

The question is are you going to change the results of the contest to reflect a winner that chose the correct answer…”None of the above” ?

RV Staff

Thanks, Mitch. And when I said I think it looks like Elvis, of course I was being facetious. But I appreciate your additional information. 😀 —Diane at

Mitch Stevens
Mitch Stevens

Diane, did you click on the link and compare the posted photo in the contest to the actual statue of liberty? Don’t you concur that the 2 are not the same?