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1 year ago

Has anyone had any experience with a ‘surround view camera system’ also called a ‘360 view camera system’ or a ‘bird’s eye camera system’. They seem like the logical improvement to the backup camera. We have a 21′ van conversion and although the vision is fairly good the idea of a more complete view of my surroundings is appealing. Thanks, Mike

John Hiler
1 year ago

What if, ordinary folks could borrow money like the 1%. Long term, low interest. Build campgrounds and not have to pay it back by the next year. Or maybe put more money in our public parks and camps. Make our country better for all of us. Money stashed in the Caymen Islands is just money stashed…It really does nothing for anyone. We did that for a while and it seemed to work pretty well, maybe we should try it again..

Sue Hoffman Losinger
1 year ago

This is the 2nd week I can’t join the contest. I get an 404 error

1 year ago

Enter the contest-Page not found. But the link works to Amazon.

Leo Suarez
1 year ago

Chuck I read your editor’s corner and when you asked yourself. “Am I just whining “ the answer is YES. How do I know, because I’m an old RV’er just like you. What do old guys like us usually do? They spend a lot of time lamenting about “the good old days”. I try every day not to do this as there is always a silver lining in most everything if you look hard enough. Yes I now spend hours and hours researching, planning and reserving campsites as our road trips are usually 2-3 months and cover about 6K miles. I use the time to learn about the areas we stop along the way usually finding nuggets I did not know about. I make the time a fun experience not a chore. Try it you will like it.