Thursday, December 1, 2022


Building an RV park: We’re still waiting!


By Machelle James
I have to admit, writing an article for you every two weeks is sometimes a challenge. Since everything is still frozen financially, we continue to do work that we can on our own. We have pulled out more than 20 tree roots with the help of our friends that have their RVs up here to visit when they can.

We have been fortunate enough to have a few good days of burning tree limbs, shrub roots and leaves. We have fire restrictions up here a lot due to wind, staff or volunteers in Heber-Overgaard, or if the U.S. Forest Service calls for a no-burn day. The entire state of Arizona has called for a NO BURN BAN for our Forest Services. Some towns, such as ours, have followed suit and we are no longer allowed to burn anything that is not attached to a propane igniter. No campfires, no charcoal barbecues, no burning of tree trimmings, and definitely no s’mores over a wood campfire.

Thank goodness that our friends visiting us have a propane fire pit and we can enjoy the sights of flickering lava rocks when it is still so cold at night! We are still socially distancing as they are well over 50 feet away from us!

We celebrated Easter here with Jenna and we sent her on an Easter Egg Basket Hunt. She walked the entire 15 acres to find clues on where her Easter Basket would be. She had so much fun finding clues on which way to go to find the eggs hiding in the trees.

We also had a family Zoom call for Easter and were able to catch up on what everyone was doing while in quarantine. Seems that golfing is still allowed with certain conditions, as well as picking up everyone’s favorite food curbside to eat at home. I am super thankful our favorite restaurant up here has to-go food so I don’t feel like a kitchen cook 24 hours a day! Cooking, cleaning and menu planning is taking up much of my days for now. I have to admit, I am feeling the dread of being a Chef and Dishwasher and Maid right about now. (I don’t have a dishwasher, so you’re looking at the dishwasher!)

Meanwhile, my sister-in-law is a Head Nurse for a Home Health Care Agency. She was filling us in on how scared her staff is to go into people’s homes and be in such close quarters with them. Her job is to keep them calm and keep them from jumping off the quitting ledge. I truly cannot imagine what she and her team are going through at this most difficult time during the worldwide pandemic.

I will say that Zoom Virtual Meetings have been a lifesaver for us. Jenna is Zooming with her classmates and Counselor, and we are Zooming with our friends via a Virtual Happy Hour.

Back to business: We put in a call to our local bank to see if we can get funding from it versus a big bank. All I know is that as of today we have phone call scheduled for next week. We have our business plan tight and completed. It definitely can’t hurt to shop around for the best rates and banks who want our business.

We have been out for rides in our side x side to get outdoors and get some sunshine. That truly has been wonderful therapy to get away and breathe in the spring air and ride to our secret spots up here in Heber-Overgaard. And of course we will share our favorite riding trails with our guests as we want you to see the secret beauty that is up here for you to experience as well!

Thank you for following our journey and as always, See You in the Trees!! And please leave a comment!

AJ, Machelle and Jenna James

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Machelle James and her husband, AJ, are building, from the ground up, a 15-acre RV park in Heber-Overgaard, Arizona, in the beautiful White Mountains 140 miles from Phoenix. Follow them on Facebook @ AJ’s Getaway RV Park or on Instagram at ajsgetawayrvpark.


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