Friday, August 14, 2020
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Building an RV park: Surprise visitors, perc tests and off-roading, Oh My!

By Machelle James We had unexpected company stop by for my birthday last week. A HUGE Monaco Coach came pulling up in my driveway and...

Building an RV park: I see roads! And funding is finally on the way!

By Machelle James I can see it. I can FINALLY see what the Campground is going to look like. We had Tractor Tim come through...

Building an RV park: Septic skeptic, road “feathers” … and more issues

By Machelle James These last two weeks have either been full-fledged panic or a constant stream of phone calls. While we celebrated getting the approval...

Building an RV park: We met with the Board of Supervisors – Good news!

By Machelle James (June 23) Here we are in Holbrook, waiting to speak at our Final Approval hearing with the Navajo County Board of Supervisors....

Building an RV park: Our beautiful state is on fire!

By Machelle James Our beautiful state is on fire – LITERALLY! The Bush Fire began on June 13, due to a car fire. It is...

Building an RV park: We had visitors!

By Machelle James With our state beginning to open up again, we have been able to see our friends again! Living up here, out of...

Building an RV park: WE WERE APPROVED!

By Machelle James Imagine having someone sitting on your chest. You are paralyzed and you can’t breathe. When AJ and I were getting ready for...

Building an RV park from scratch: It’s an emotional roller coaster!

By Machelle James I think I have had more stress in the last two weeks than I care to admit. We have had many back...

Building an RV park: We’re still waiting!

By Machelle James I have to admit, writing an article for you every two weeks is sometimes a challenge. Since everything is still frozen financially,...

Building an RV park: We met the neighbors … again!

By Machelle James Well, well, well.... We had another neighborhood meeting after a small group of neighbors complained they didn't have enough time to drive...

Building an RV park: Campground, Smampground. Everything is ON HOLD!

By Machelle James My brain is fried. I am on Coronavirus overload. I had to turn off the news as the ups and downs with...

Building an RV Park: We’re learning how to be GREAT campground hosts!

By Machelle James The past two weeks have been quite an eye opener for me. After I came back from Campground Management School, I had...