Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Buying an RV? Watch out for blind spots to what’s outside


Something you might not think about when buying an RV is visibility from its inside to outside. When buying, we can spend so much time examining the interior that we forget to look at window placement to determine how much we can see outside once we’re camped.

Here are a few examples.

There is huge blind spot from inside this fifth wheel trailer. From this angle, there is only one window near the back that provides a partial view to the front left, and there is no window in the front, leaving a huge blind area. Hear a noise at night from the front or front left of the RV? The only way you can learn what’s there is to step outside to see.

This fifth wheel has one small window on the front on the slideout, but the entire left side has no windows at all, leaving a huge blind spot. Would you feel comfortable in an RV where you had no way of knowing what was happening on one side of you?

A motorhome will always have a good view out the front. So look to the sides and back to see if windows there allow you to see outside.

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Melody thomas
5 years ago

Hi, Chuck. I read your article about building more campgrounds. I want to reread it but can’t find the article again. Would you please let me know where to find it? Thanks.
– Melody Thomas

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