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Around the Campfire: If RVers had a magic wand, how would they use it?

The conversation around the campfire a few nights ago took a whimsical turn. Someone asked the question, “If you had a magic wand, how would you use it for RVing?” The resulting discussion was unexpected and entertaining at the same time. Listen in and you’ll see what I mean.

RV campsites

Frank began, “I’d use a magic wand to make every campsite a pull-through. Parking my travel trailer can be so stressful. It starts our vacation off on a sour note every time!”

June added, “Well, I’d wave the wand to make every campsite nice and wide … wide enough for a picnic table and fencing for my dogs. Oh! And I’d also make it level and shady.”

Nods all around. Seems like that magic wand would be really helpful at campsites.

Rig magic

“I’d like to wave a magic wand over our motorhome so that it wouldn’t break down!” Harold exclaimed. “Or, if it did need work I could ‘wave’ myself to the front of the line for repair at my RV dealership.”

Several folks said they’d use the magic wand to make more accessible storage inside their RVs, change the dated décor, and magically perform maintenance duties on their rigs without lifting a finger.

The RV experience

“I’d wave the wand and return camping prices to what we paid for RV campground sites a decade ago, Ruth suggested. “RVing today is getting really expensive.”

I dittoed Ruth’s suggestion and added lower fuel prices to the magic wand’s duties.

How about you? If there was a magic wand for RVers, how might you use it? Please respond in the comments below.

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3 months ago

Wave my magic wand to get rid of all the haters. They don’t like fires, kids having fun, people laughing, music, bicycles, golf carts, anything that invades their peace and quiet. They should boondock only.

LaDonna Sullivan
3 months ago

I too would lower the prices on all the shady, spacious, pull-thru sites. Camping ain’t cheap anymore folks!

3 months ago

A mom n pop campground just when I need it, just before I get tired. One about every 500 miles.

3 months ago

I would make all sites pull-thru

Leo Richard
3 months ago

I would use it to make HOA’s more understanding and RV friendly. Right now , I have a 19 g Majestic that fits comfortably on my driveway in my sub-division (Providence Manor in Matteson ), Illinois. I have asked for some concessions during RV season and these folks won’t budge. Next thing is I get an attorney.

Ed Fogle
3 months ago

Notwithstanding where this wouldn’t give the best views I’d like sites to be oriented so the passenger/awning side faced east or southeast. Most people spend more time sitting outside in the afternoon and evening when it’s hottest than the morning. This orientation uses the R to shade us from the Sun.

Bob p
3 months ago

I’d wave my magic wand to take us back to the years between 2017-2021 when everything was good and our country was safe from our enemies. I know that’s semi political, so give me 50 demerits.

3 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

Hopefully, we’ll never see those days again!

3 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

I would love to go back to that time period.

3 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

2017 – 2021?? you mean yesterday??? I’d wave my wand to the 1950s / 1960s..

Kevin C
3 months ago

A magic wand to make obtaining camping reservations a much easier process!

3 months ago

I’d use the wand to make dog owners not let dogs off leash and clean up after the dog.

3 months ago

My magic wand would turn down the “BOOM BOX” next to me at the campsite.
“I get no respect” as the saying goes, with outdoor loud speakers.

Jim Johnson
3 months ago

Ha! No maintenance sounds great! However I have seen plenty of weekender campers who seem to think that is reality, no magic wand needed. No wonder they think they are ‘roughing it’. What’s the old saying about maintaining horses in regards to rode hard and put away wet? Fortunately we meet many more people with well maintained rigs who tend to be a lot less grumpy and happy to meet other people.

Warren G
3 months ago

RV’s as well built and reliable as my Tundra.

Steve H
3 months ago

Sorry, I don’t read fiction!

3 months ago

We just need RVs that are small on the outside and big on the inside

Ron T.
3 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Just what the Dr. (Who) ordered!

Ed Fogle
3 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Yep, a 35’ motorhome with the storage of a 45’ one.

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