Campground bathroom warns: ‘Don’t drink from the toilet!’


This is from the “If you need a good laugh” department. . . reader Pat Gearty sent along the photo on the right, taken at a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources campground.

Sign above the toilet.

He wrote, “The DNR park designers don’t give campers much credit for common sense and personal responsibility. I’ve been in many a campground bathroom but never, ever considered drinking from the toilet.”

So, just in case you happen to be in one of these campgrounds, please resist the urge to quench your thirst by sipping from the pot!

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Henry Do

Should have said “Flush Twice. It’s a long way to Washington D.C.”


“Never drink from a strange toilet.
Just common sense.”
Mark Schreiner

S Walker

Sadly, I recently saw a man filling his re-usable drinking water bottle from a faucet that had a similar sign posted directly above it. You never know what you will see at a highway rest stop.


Probably the entire water supply is unsafe so the sink is out too !

And,,, my dog never lifted the seat , just dribbled all over it !

Diane M

Reminds me of the sign I saw on the fence around a swimming pool – “Danger-Water in Pool.”


Have a picture taken at the Grand Canyon several years ago. I had to take a picture also. It was ceramic so it was permanent! Always wonder what ever happened to make that sign necessary!!


It’s for the dogs who can read…..most of whom, by the way, leave the toilet seat up.

George B

I’d really need to be ‘flush’ to do that.

Joe Gillmer

Thanks for the heads up