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Camping World, Good Sam reorganized

The following news release, edited for brevity, was issued by Camping World on Jan. 2, 2019

Camping World Holdings, Inc. announced today the realignment and new assignments of its executive leadership team.

Marcus Lemonis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer stated, “Over the years, we have created a unique business model that combines a comprehensive portfolio of high-margin recurring products and services, known as Good Sam, with a database of more than 4.5 million active customers combined with a RV dealership and RV and outdoor retail platform that requires evolution and constant improvement.

Marcus Lemonis

“Our 2019 focus will be to better serve our customers, associates and shareholders while continuing to expand our RV market share with opportunistic RV acquisitions and completing the rollout of RV dealerships into newly opened retail locations,” said Lemons. “We will also have an intense focus on dramatically reducing our retail inventory levels and aggressively reducing capital expenditures to maximize and drive free cash flow. As previously indicated, we will not hesitate to close underperforming locations, and we have recently closed four unprofitable RV dealership locations in addition to eight retail locations that we felt would not be accretive long term.

“The organizational changes we have made and are announcing today should streamline our team and bring a new and heightened focus on inventory management, expense control, product margins, cash flow and asset deployment.”

On September 27, 2018, Brent Moody was named president of the company. According to Lemonis, “Brent oversees all operations and plays an invaluable role in the management and growth of the business, with great vision for the company’s future. For over 16 years, he has built an impressive track record of strategic, operational and financial accomplishments.”

Roger Nuttall resigned from his position as president of the company’s dealership group on December 21, 2018, and his responsibilities will be divided among Lemonis and four tenured divisional RV presidents: TJ Smith, Scott Jensen, Todd Nuttall and Josh Erickson.

Matt Wagner has been appointed Senior Vice President of RV Inventory Management, Digital Marketing, Media Services and RV Dealership E-commerce; Brock Whinnery has been elevated to Vice President of Fixed Operations for the RV dealership group; and Randy Rahe will serve as a Vice President of RV Dealership Operations and will assist the Divisional RV presidents with process and standardization, finance and insurance, and customer and associate experience.

Finally, the company announced the appointment of Thomas Wolfe to President of Good Sam and Melvin Flanigan to Chief Financial Officer. As president of Good Sam, Mr. Wolfe will focus on continuing to enhance the growth and development of the Consumer Services and Plans segment as well as improving the overall value and customer experience for its more than two million Good Sam Club members.

Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Flanigan will work together to ensure a seamless transition of the CFO role. Mr. Flanigan will be supported in his role by Dale Hendrix, Karin Bell, and David McKillip, who lead the financial roles for the corporate functions and consumer services and plans segment, RV dealership segment, and retail segment, respectively.

Mr. Flanigan previously served as the Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of DTS Inc. (“DTS”), a leader in high-definition and wireless audio, licensing branded intellectual property to entertainment technology markets worldwide, from September 2003 to December 2016.

About Camping World Holdings, Inc.
Camping World Holdings, headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, is a major outdoor and camping retailer, offering RV sales, RV and camping gear, RV maintenance and repair,  and a range of services for the RVing community. Since the company’s founding in 1966, Camping World has grown to more than 225 locations in 36 states.


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Tim Stottlemyer
3 years ago

Mr. Lemonis, pound sand. Camping World and you are the worst. I will never spend another dime there.

Leslie Rolsheim
3 years ago

My husband and I have been life members of Good Sam, have a Good Sam insurance and the extended warranty plan on our motorhomes since the year 2003. We never shopped at Camping World because their prices were ridiculous and we can get the same stuff at Walmart.

Doretta Eilbeck
3 years ago

I will agree, the extended warranty plan has worked well for us. I will NEVER let CW work on my coach again.

Art Vanderleer
3 years ago

Good Sam Founder Art Rouse is probably turning over in his grave because of this greedy owner. RIP Mr. Rouse

3 years ago

Executive summary: We continue to buy up and close down as much of the competition as we can thereby reducing customer choice. We will be providing fewer products at higher prices because hooray for us and screw you.

Nelson Needham
3 years ago

Camping World Holdings, Inc. tells it all. It is a holding company whose whole goal is to better its financial standing. Sounds great for stock holders but says nothing to the end consumer. Perhaps, Camping World Holdings, Inc. should realize that unless they address their short comings to the end consumer, they won’t sell any product and there will be nothing left for the holding company.

3 years ago

camping world it’s the worst company ever dealt with, I hope the whole company tank and disappears, useless management and employees. why are they still on business?

Cary Nickel
3 years ago

I haven’t renewed my Good Sam club membership in years. There is no reason to.

Steven Scheinin
3 years ago
Reply to  Cary Nickel

Unfortunately, 10% discount at campgrounds is 10% savings, forcing us to keep Good Sam.

Steve Rosenlund
3 years ago

I bought first RV at camping world. They screwed me pretty good once and will never get a second chance. Bought $4000 warranty that covered nothing. Every problem I had was my fault and therefore not covered. Did get partial refund on warranty. Dealt with Portland OR and Tampa FL stores.

John Maddox
3 years ago

The press release above was obviously targeted for shareholders due to the phrase high-margin. Only shareholders would care about how rich he and camping world are. Like another poster below I joined good Sam back when and I am a lifetime member. Now I just use the catalogs they send me as inspiration to buy somewhere else. I usually toss the other adverts from them

3 years ago

No surprise here. Note in the quote below there is NO effort or indication that they care ANYTHING about the customer or quality of the products or service facilities. At least he admits that their focus will be entirely for THEIR benefit. … and with the ‘closed’ facilities … good luck to the customers who now have NOWHERE to take their warranty or service issues.

“The organizational changes we have made and are announcing today should streamline our team and bring a new and heightened focus on inventory management, expense control, product margins, cash flow and asset deployment.”

James Y. Gochnauer
3 years ago

Quote “Good Sam, with a database of more than 4.5 million active customers” I joined the Good Sam club many years ago as a camping organization, not as a Camping World customer. I might return to Camping World (to purchase accessories) after the Anti-American Marcus Lemonis is no longer there.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

We bought a lifetime membership way back in 1996 when “Good Sam” was (as Mr. Gochnauer above states) a camping club. We even bought a few things at a local Camping World store. Now we just drive on by any CW stores we may see. And we no longer show any signs of belonging to Good Sam on our trailer. It’s just not the same organization.

John Koenig
3 years ago

And sadly, NO word of improving the QUALITY of the RVs they sell OR, the 20 year predatory financing they push on uneducated, unsuspecting newbies knowing full well that those poorly made RVs are HIGHLY unlikely to last as long as the loan.

3 years ago

YA, RIGHT! And if anyone believes Lemonis’ comments, good luck.

He is not about to improve or change Customer Service over profitability! He has to keep his Stock Holders happy and they are bailing out of Camping World Stock everyday!

Marcus Lemonis’ only goal is making money.

I wish he would simply sell off the companies and find some other market to RIP Off People in!

I’ve been a Good Sams Member for along time, before Lemonis took over and WILL NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH CAMPING WORLD!

His comments are just Smoke and Mirrors and as always, Camping World should be a “BUYER BEWARE” Company!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Marcus Lemonis is pure conniving theiving slime.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
3 years ago
Reply to  Doug

Don’t hold back, Doug. 😀 —Diane at

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

CWH stock on Jan 5, 2018; $44.90
CWH stock on Jan 4, 2019; $14.00
You are spot on Jeff. He isn’t talking to or thinking about customers, quality, service, or anything ethical.
He’s only trying to keep his stockholders from lynching him!

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