Thursday, November 30, 2023


Ceramic RV salt and pepper shaker set


By Bob Difley

RV Salt & Pepper Shakers
RV Salt & Pepper Shakers

OK, so this salt and pepper shaker set won’t improve your camping trip much, they won’t fix a drippy dump valve, or find the leak in your roof. They’re just, simply put, cute.

So if you were searching for deep core fixes or clever life-enhancing additions to your home-on-wheels, relax. Every once in a while I just feel like posting something that will not correct the difficult issues with your rig, and is, well frivolous.

So here it is, a simple (yes, cute) little salt and pepper shaker set that will at least bring a smile to visitors’ faces — and hopefully your own as well. And admit it, they are more interesting than the plain Jane pair you lifted from a Denny’s years ago. At this writing they’re only $10.99 on Amazon where they have a 94 percent 4- and 5-star rating, I guess because they have a simple, effective function — when you shake them you can actually dispense salt and pepper.

So next week I’ll get serious again and write about something important, like leveling blocks or dump hoses.

You will find the salt and pepper shaker set on Amazon.

You can find Bob Difley’s RVing e-books on Amazon Kindle.

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