Saturday, September 30, 2023


Changing travel plans “on the fly”

By Bob Difley

When traveling it’s all too easy to find yourself focusing more on the destination than the trip. Think of all the great attractions you pass when you have the blinders on, barreling down the interstate. Slow down, check out your surroundings as you go, look for signs to local attractions, stay free from tight travel agendas, and it’s all right to suddenly change your mind and go somewhere that you hadn’t planned to.

Many of these attractions, whether scenic, historic or of unique interest, are free, and as so, do not have big advertising budgets like large commercial attractions do. So you have to either look for them or find out about them in another way. By finding these free and low-cost attractions you can save a considerable amount of your entertainment budget.

Another good way is to ask at visitor centers, welcome centers, federal agency offices (BLM, National Park Service, Forest Service, etc.), park entry stations or campground hosts, do Internet searches for attractions in your area, etc.

You could otherwise miss a stunning scenic view, spectacular hike to a waterfall, wildlife viewing areas, or other sites worth seeing — as well as missing out on free entertainment. And often, when you are visiting smaller attractions or local museums — where they are glad to see all visitors — they will let you stay overnight in their parking lot, saving campground fees. Just ask first.

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photo: Russ and Tiña De Maris


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