Portable waste tank: A must for boondockers

If you are a winter snowbird and boondocker and don’t already have a towable waste tank you are missing one of boondocking’s most useful accessories. It’s not a pleasant chore — and also time-consuming — to pack up and move your whole rig to the dump station when you can simply dump your waste tanks into a portable tank-on-wheels and tow the tank to the dump station instead.

This  32 gallon 4-Wheeler Tote-Along tank is equipped with two 10 in. rear wheels and double swivel front wheels for towing or pulling on level ground.

A ring at the end of the handle allows using any vehicle with a hitch ball to tow the tank to a dump station where you can position and empty the tank with its built-in 3-inch sewer valve.

The tank is constructed of blow-molded polyethylene and comes with 3-inch bayonet-mount inlet and outlet and 3/4-inch male garden hose connection for cleaning. It also includes a bobber guage, all hook-up/dump fittings, and tow handle.

  • Two Bayonet hose adapters
  • 5 foot  piece of 3 inch sewer hose
  • 3″ and 3/4″ Caps
  • Full tank indicator
  • Heavy Duty Tow Handle

You can find this tank and other brands and sizes at Amazon.com.

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