Friday, December 9, 2022


Okay to RV with chickens?


A reader sent us this posting he found on the Facebook group RV Tips. We believe the woman who posted it was serious. She asked:

I’m going to retire in five years. My question is: l want to travel around the country with one or two chickens. Are there ordinances or laws about crossing state lines with poultry?

The comments were all over the place, often funny:

• Don’t really know. In our travels we’ve seen pigs, goats, monkeys, snakes, and exotic birds, raccoons, and skunks, and squirrels so what would make a chicken any different?

• Keep them on a leash, no one will argue with you.

• I usually have one or two chickens in the fridge when camping. No problems so far.

• Oddly enough, City of Atlanta is very chicken friendly.

• Wholeheartedly agree with your statement. I truly mean no disrespect to the original poster, but I feel like so many forget that to be full time, one must give up the sticks and bricks mentality. Taking laying hens would be the same as taking a dairy cow. Not necessary and unrealistic.

• Have them certified as emotional support chickens! That way you can also take them with you in an UBER!

What do you think? Your comments welcome.

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John C
1 year ago

Come on folks! An RV is not a house with a yard. You’re staying butt to elbow with neighbors. It’s not just about you. What’s next: goats, sheep? How about geese or turkeys. You could supply the whole campground at Thanksgiving. I’ve read that you can get a gummint tax break raising alpacas. I think the inmates are vying for command.

James LaGasse
1 year ago

I have seen camper with a small coup on top, I would have no problem with a neighbor having chickens but not many would like to hear a chicken that just laid an egg cackling. If a problem with bird flu crops up in an area where you are or want to go to it would create a problem for you.

1 year ago

We have 5 chickens because my roommate likes eggs, me not so much. What chickens do best is poop. Take them with me in the RV… ridiculous!

Bob p
1 year ago

As long as you pick up the chicken sh#t because I stepped in to much of it on the farm growing up, I don’t want to walk in it now.

1 year ago

I saw a guy with two ducks at a campground this past week. I have chickens at home but I don’t travel with them. I did have one that was my favorite and was really more like a pet than a farm chicken so I understand someone wanting to take their pet camping no matter what it is. As long as it is not bothering any other campers then bring on the chicken. To be frank my chickens at home listen better than my dogs. LOL

Last edited 1 year ago by Travis
Dave J
2 years ago

Make sure they are only hens. A roster bragging about his success with the girls at dawn would in most cases NOT be welcomed in an RV park any more than in most residential neighborhoods.
I assume you would be keeping them IN the rig as the neighbors in the RV park also might NOT like the clucking of some noisy hens. Do you keep them IN your house now? If not why not? Smell perhaps ? That’s what your rig will smell like in a few weeks.

2 years ago

There was a man who had about 4 bannies in an Indiana State Park running loose at his campsite and the park rangers made him leave. He even tried to claim they were emotional support animals for him, but fhe Rangers said no.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mary

I wonder what emotional problems would be mitigated with chickens.

2 years ago

No free ranging. Caged or leashed. No Roosters crowing though.

2 years ago

Well, 5 years is a long time , so lets hope you change your mind on this topic…

Darrel Padberg
1 year ago
Reply to  Claudio

Well said.

Rod stieg
2 years ago

I have no pets that travel with me, and am so sick of the disrespect of others like Chuck who think it is so cute when their pet pisses on everything everywhere. On top of that, there is poop laying everywhere even when the park has a dog run area! This emotional support thing is out of control too!

Greg Sorenson
5 months ago
Reply to  Rod stieg

Could not agree more!

2 years ago

Keep them leashed, keep them quiet and keep them away from our site and our leashed dog!

Terri R
2 years ago

So I just finished completing my accreditation to write certificates of Veterinary Inspection (PIA way to start my Saturday) – your chickens could be seized if they do not have a valid CVI and some states will ban them from moving thru.
Personally I LOVE backyard poultry but had never considered taking them with me on the road … as a veterinarian I can tell you the diseases of poultry & the industry are just not worth risking the lives of your pets (& pet chickens are just way too cool to risk their lives this way)
Please chat with your avian veterinarian (or find one on to get your CVI once you know your travel plans

Kenneth Furtado
2 years ago

I don’t travel with animals, but I will on occasion. I will stop at Tractor Supply and pick up chicks, lol.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago

😆 —Diane at

Debbie B
2 years ago

Our second time out camping in the RV, some guy had a smallish cage (2’x3′ maybe) sitting under the front of his 5th wheel. He had arrived in the middle of the night, when they arose, he opened the cage and out walked 3 chickens. Those chickens stayed in their own space and close by the man all day, that evening he opened the door and they walked right back in. We had a busy time with our dogs that day, they had no idea what a chicken was and wanted to bark at them. Travel with what you enjoy and can control.

Anne ( non-smoker and animal lover)
2 years ago

She needs to rethink traveling I think and stay home. Many 4-H and other clubs poultry shows in our Pacific Northwest area have not happened due to the spread of bird flu and other poultry diseases that are wiping out entire flocks or they have to be destroyed. I think she is ridiculous and poorly informed! Sounds like another me person I ran into at a trailer rally didn’t want anyone to be able to smoke in the outdoors because she didn’t like it. If your needs are that particular just stay home where you can make ALL the rules please. Getting certified as a support chicken is equally as ridiculous and that law is being abused and I hope they continue to clamp down on the abusers.

Darrel Padberg
1 year ago

Well stated.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

Best comment in the original story was to get the chickens “certified” as support chickens. I can see it now. People with chickens at the grocery store, Home Depot, library, restaurants, etc. Don’t laugh, we see this all the time (not with chickens, but . . .).