Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Caution! Snakes, scorpions and spiders lurk near campgrounds – beware!

By Nanci Dixon Camping in the Southwest? Hiking? Even if you're just going for a leisurely stroll around the campground you'll want to watch out...
acrobatic elk

Video: Acrobatic elk somersaults on cue

By Russ and Tiña De Maris When the hormones are strong, seems like guys of every species sometimes forget common sense. Acrobatic elk are no...

Would you eat roadkill? In many states you can…

Would you eat roadkill? Washington state allows elk and deer that have been killed by motor vehicles to be salvaged and consumed. In several Washington...

The masked bandit that robbed our campsite and got away!

By Barry Zander Please listen to the 23-second introduction:   The place: Shepard State Park The town: Gautier, Mississippi The accused: Rosemary Charged with: Herbal Robbery Peacefully nestled in woody Shepard...

More on rodent repellents: Does mint oil keep them away?

By Nanci Dixon In the never-ending saga of me versus mice (read what I wrote about this last week here), the mice were once again...

World War III: Our RV vs. pack rats, mice and scorpions

By Nanci Dixon Pack rats, mice and scorpions, oh my! We were inundated with all three. Sometimes all three at the same time and sometimes separately....
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Do you enjoy birdwatching?

If you like to birdwatch, have you been to any of these spots, deemed the 30 best places to birdwatch in the U.S.? Maybe...

How to travel with chickens in an RV (yup, it can be done!)

There are almost an infinite number of ways to practice sustainability, some of which require a more substantial lifestyle change – such as keeping...

Nail-biting video shows young boy being followed by bear on hike

Get ready to sit on the edge of your seat... this video is terrifying! An Italian family's day trip takes a turn when a large...

Video: Good noos for moose! Troopers help new family clear the road

Had a long week with too much stress? Here’s a little video you might find “a-moosing.” Utah State troopers encountered a little moose family...

Don’t make these mistakes with venomous snakes

By Johnathan David As the summer months approach, hiking trails across the United States will undoubtedly see an increase in foot traffic and while hiking is...

Video: Update on recent cougar attack in Colorado RV park

As previously posted by Russ and Tiña De Maris, things got a bit exciting at the Riverview RV Park & Campground in Loveland, Colorado,...