Saturday, October 1, 2022


How often do you eat at a fast-food restaurant?

We know that many people prefer to support and eat at local mom-and-pop restaurants more than they like to eat at a chain or fast-food restaurant, but sometimes it seems that’s the only option (especially on the Interstate). If you’re in a hurry, fast food sure makes things easy.

Please tell us in the poll below how often you eat at a fast-food restaurant. We mean a place like McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell, etc. Even if it’s a local fast-food chain, it still counts.

Please leave a comment, too, if you’d like. We get excited when we receive comments about food. It is a shared love, isn’t it?


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Ian C
14 days ago

Grandson arrived from New Jersey for a family wedding.

The almost first words out of his mouth that he wanted to go to In-N-Out Burger for lunch.

So off we went.

14 days ago

Several times a month for us and those are at What-A-Burger or Sonic.

Roy Davis
14 days ago

We will occasionally stop at a fast food place for lunch when out sightseeing or shopping. Our favorite is Chik-Fil-A but you’d be surprised how many we drove past because of the long line. We do like to stop at local dinners for lunch as well.

Last edited 14 days ago by Roy Davis
15 days ago

For the cost at eating at fast food joints of I’d rather stop at a local diner and support local business. Sit order, eat and enjoy and go. Then fumble with wrappers, napkins, straws, bags.

Don Capellani
15 days ago

Have you looked around the campgrounds lately I never seen so many fat people in my life Their eating some where that’s not healthy any time I hit a donut I have to wait for a large person to leave

Neal Davis
15 days ago

We met friends traveling through our area and ate with them at one yesterday. Each of the last two weeks we did as well. Other than this recent spate, we almost never do.

Jeff Craig
15 days ago

Now that I am back in the workforce, I will hit Wendys, Panda Express and Jersey Mikes a few times a month,

Diane Mc
15 days ago

Love McD’s breakfast burritos. However since Covid they don’t have their all day menu anymore. I would order them for lunch sometimes. Really only eat fast food once a month or less. Just depends. Chik Fil A is great. Worth it just for the outstanding service. Their chicken noodle soup is excellent.

15 days ago

Chick-fil-a when we’re near one. They don’t compare to other fast foods.

Ron Russell
15 days ago

I only go to Chick-Filet, when I can find one.
Closed Sundays

John Macatee
15 days ago

Once a month; Travel mornings at McKee Dees. Lg Coffee, 2 sausage egg McMuffins or one and a sausage egg McGriddle. But the cost is up and the customer service is down.

John Koenig
15 days ago

I’m Gluten Intolerant (Celiac Sprue Disease) and Diabetic. MOST “Fast Food” places do NOT have menu items available that are SAFE for me to eat. I have ordered salads but even that choice can be problematic.

15 days ago

I said rarely as we may eat breakfast at McDonald’s on travel mornings. But we do eat more often when traveling at Subway where I get a protein bowl with chicken.

15 days ago

We eat out at least once a week. Fast food is very rare for us. Normally a restaurant has better choices and more healthy options.

15 days ago

Not fast food, but Waffle House for breakfast.
Good food, good service, and very good value.
“Where everybody knows your name.”

Last edited 15 days ago by Tom
Lisa Adcox
15 days ago
Reply to  Tom

Love Waffle House. We are not fast food lovers at all. I am a fan of Waffle House.

Bill Fisher
15 days ago

We rarely eat at fast food restaurants these days, even when traveling, but I will freely admit that I do love me a Big Mac once in a while.

Tom E
15 days ago

We rarely eat out but when we do it’s special – not fast food. When traveling we look for places the locals go.

Ed K
15 days ago

Maybe once or twice a year and only if we are traveling, never at home.

Curt Rissmann
15 days ago

Rarely do the wife and I eat at fast restaurants. When we do it is more out of convenience than pleasure. In some cases it is not fast nor cheap. The quality has gone down and if you order with no ketchup or onions(ex) you get them anyway. Just haven’t been a fan of fast food for the last 10 years.

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