Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Cleaning product is impressive at fighting grease

By Gail Meyring
Typically when I buy cleaning products I look for something that’s environmentally friendly such as Mrs. Meyers or Seventh Generation All-Purpose Natural Cleaners. These products say they’re tough on dirt and cut through grease and grime. Still, I typically need to do a lot of scrubbing and often need to reapply to actually get things clean.  

At the recent Hershey RV Show, I picked up a bottle of a biodegradable product called Reliable 1 Super Spray Cleaner. Among other things it promised to easily dissolve grease. Any product that can do that and is biodegradable is worth a try.

I TESTED IT FIRST on my RV’s range, a primary gathering place for grease. I sprayed it on and with one wipe it was clean. I was impressed. Next, I applied it to some grimy metal fan filters over the stove and gave it a minute to do its job. One rinse with hot water and the filters were sparkly clean! There was no need to do any scrubbing at all. 

Next up will be the outside of my RV, where the product promises to remove black streaks.

Based on my initial tests, I’d give this product a solid thumbs up.  Learn more about it and other products from the company at The business is family run with three generations now involved. All the company’s products are made in the USA.  



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