Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Coffee. Shower. Okay, my day may now start

I am writing to you now from the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. I arrived Wednesday, a bright and sunny day. Oh, my goodness: the fall colors! They stunned me! I have heard about the fall colors of the East for years, but I never knew they were THIS INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL! As I drove, the beauty lulled me into a hypnotic state. I felt like I was on tranquilizers, like I was floating on a magic carpet.

As I was preparing to take my morning shower, I was overcome with happiness at the thought of soon immersing myself in its wonderful warmth. Here I am in a motorized house on wheels that despite its tiny size offers not only superb shelter but a shower, too!! As I stood there ready to step in, I found myself shouting out loud: “This shower is an amazing thing, Charles!”

My day cannot properly begin until I have had two cups of coffee and then a shower, and in that exact order! This must happen or I will spend my day feeling tired and dirty. So you can see why having a shower on board my wheeled home is important to me. Actually, I can sum up very easily: “Life is very good when your motor vehicle has a shower.”


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