Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Happy in my tiny house on wheels


I’ve been on the road now for more than two months with about two weeks and 1,700 miles to go. This is the longest I have been away from home in one stretch in 15 years.

A friend asked me the other day if I felt claustrophobic in my little motorhome. No way! If I were a Chilean miner coming up in that skinny rescue capsule I’d be claustrophobic. Me? I’m as comfortable in my 200-square-foot house as I am in my home near Seattle. I have everything I need. What I don’t need isn’t here. At home, I keep stuff. I stow it in drawers and closets, under the bed, on shelves, in boxes in the garage. Eighty percent of what I have at home I don’t need.

At home, I have enough silverware to serve at least 20 people. My kitchen table seats four. Huh?

The other night I set up my video camera and talked to it about how I feel about living in such a small space. You can watch it below to see what I said, which, without question, will not earn me an Emmy.

Anyway, life on the road is excellent. At home, the only time my house moves is during an earthquake. My RV-home, on the other hand, moves on wheels whenever I want. That’s better than a boring house that just stays in one place over and over and doesn’t even have a steering wheel.

And to those of you who ask, “Well, why do you even have a house?” I say, “I like it, too” (but maybe not quite as much as my mobile house).


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