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Collapsible, easily assembled kayak fits into your RV locker

By Bob Difley

Pakayak kayak
Pakayak kayak

If paddling a kayak has you intrigued, but you weren’t sure you wanted to heft a kayak up and down off your tow vehicle, and the idea of blowing up an inflatable kayak didn’t appeal to you, the Pakayak may be your answer to going paddling – the easy way. 

Pakayak is a high-performance hard-shell kayak that just happens to come apart and pack down to 3.5 feet.

Quick and Easy to Assemble
There is no fun in trying to assemble something that needs an instruction manual and a half hour to put together. You want to be out enjoying the water! The Pakayak goes together in under 5 minutes with clamps as simple to use as the clamps on any toolbox, just clip, clip, clip and you’re done. And the icing on the cake – there are no loose parts. Store it in your RV’s locker, carry it on your back, and paddle it just like a traditional hard-shell kayak.

Paddles the same
The Pakayak paddles just like a traditional kayak. It’s made out of the same material as the best sellers. You can have a performance paddling craft that sacrifices nothing and takes less time and effort to assemble than it does to load a one-piece kayak on top of your car and strap it down. No more roof racks!

Learn more about the Pakayak on its Kickstarter website.

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