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MENU Photo Contest, August 13, 2022

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These photos and their captions were submitted by readers. Every Wednesday and Saturday we post a photo from five different readers. The link where to view photos and vote is in every Saturday newsletter and every Wednesday RV Daily Tips Newsletter. Sign up here to receive a notification of each newsletter issue if you haven’t done so already.

Now, it’s your turn to choose the one photo out of the five below you like the best. You can only vote once per day (once per 24 hours). That means you can come back tomorrow at the same time or later (if the contest is still open) and vote again. The photo that receives the most votes by midnight tomorrow night, August 14, earns the reader who took it a $50 Amazon gift card.

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Make sure you check back every Saturday and Wednesday so you can tell your friends and family to vote! Email or text them the link to this page, and make sure to share it on social media too. If your photo gets the most votes, you win!

Today’s Photos

Vote below for your favorite
Voting deadline: Midnight (Pacific time), August 14.

Photo 13-1

From reader Jay Miller: “Headed home.”

Photo 13-2

From reader Vicki Stringer: “April 2022. Trip to Monument Valley. Got up at sunrise to capture this picture. We had to walk about 100 feet from our RV to get the picture. My first attempt to do something like this.”

Photo 13-3

From reader Lisa Stewart: “September 2021, between Cody, WY and Yellowstone NP. The sunset was beautiful and the moon out, the River was lulling me into quiet happiness!”

Photo 13-4

From reader Mike Greenfield: “Just look at all of the beauty out there!”

Photos 13-5

From reader Yaniv Adir: “Sunset, Pigeon Point Lighthouse, Pescadero, CA.”



Submit a photo and read the official contest rules here.

The next contest will be Wednesday, August 17. Check back then to see if your photo has been featured! Sign up to receive an email for our weekday RV Daily Tips newsletter where the link to the contest will appear.

See last Wednesday’s contest here.


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1 month ago

Mike Greenfield: I sure hope you were stopped because your puppy should NOT sit on the dash while you are driving! I chose your picture though because of your puppy!

1 month ago

Beautiful pictures. Anyone of them could be a winner!

1 month ago

Wish I could vote for all of them today!! They all are appealing 💖

1 month ago

I LOVE PIGEON POINT LIGHTHOUSE!! In the late ’80s, while on the Coast Guard, I maintained the light. Insured the navigational light stayed lite for all mariners that sailed the coast. Great memories and great photo.

1 month ago

Number 3 could be a painting!

Gene Bjerke
1 month ago

Red-orange seems to be the color of the day.

1 month ago

This is getting to hard to pick just one.
Can you change it to a kind of scoring system

T. Hudson
1 month ago

All great pics today! Good job everyone.

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