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MENU Photo Contest, October 15, 2022

Select your favorite photo

These photos and their captions were submitted by readers. Every Saturday we post a photo from five different readers. The link where to view photos and vote is in every Saturday and Sunday newsletter. Sign up here to receive a notification of each newsletter issue if you haven’t done so already.

Click here to see the contest rules and to submit your photo.

How it works

  • Every Saturday we’ll select five photos from the submissions
  • You and your friends can vote once a day for seven days. Make sure you spread the word! The more your friends, family and campground neighbors vote for your photo, the better chance you have of winning. 

Good luck!

Today’s Photos

Vote below for your favorite
Voting deadline: Midnight (Pacific time), October 21, 2022

Photo 26-1

From reader Jeff Signorini: “Heading back to our campsite we saw a summer thunderstorm rolling in over the main peaks of the Grand Teton range and caught great lighting and a lightning strike. Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Wyoming.”

Photo 26-2

From reader Jerry Liszak: “We love camping in the Pacific Northwest with our motorhome and one of our favorite places to camp is Crater Lake, Oregon.”

Photo 26-3

From reader Barb Froelich: “Heading out of Arches National Park after a long day of hiking and sightseeing, we saw what was shaping up to be a glorious sunset. We stopped at Balanced Rock to grab this shot, then off we went!”

Photo 26-4

From reader Debbie Freidell: “Beautiful day at Paul B. Johnson State Park near Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I told my husband to hold it for just a minute. 🙂 ”

Photos 26-5

From reader Reno DiTullio: “What’s not to like about Yosemite National Park? This scene from Tunnel View was taken early morning during a rain storm, only two of us there; usually this overlook is packed with people… go early, stay late. Enjoy”


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Brenda A
5 months ago

Hard choices! I’m a sucker for sunrise/sunset photos so I’m going with #3. My favorite thing about these selections is that I’ve been to #1-4 and #5 is on my twice-postponed list!

5 months ago

Even though it was tough to pic today, Jeff clearly ran away with it with the
“Wrath of the Almighty”!

Last edited 5 months ago by TIM MCRAE
Larry Lee
5 months ago

Given the increasing quality and consequent difficulty in making a choice for best of the 5 photos, I can only imagine how difficult the job of editing and choosing which photos to publish has become. Thanks for another batch of enjoyable pics.

5 months ago

I’m glad my photo contribution was not pitted against any of these, especially the lightning one. I wouldn’t stand a chance. These are really good.

5 months ago

This was the hardest choice yet. All of them were great!

5 months ago

Jeff’s Teton Thunderstorm photo is a one-in-a-million shot! I’d frame and hang that one in my home. Wow!

5 months ago

Stunning photos!

Joseph Eafrati
5 months ago

I think some of these photos are from professionals. I would like to see a person or camper in the pic to show it is not. I voted for the gentleman holding up the camper because it is genuine.

Tommy Molnar
5 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Eafrati

Could it be that there are “professionals” out here RV’ing with us? Or RV’ers whose hobby is photography and not just snapshotting (like me).

It’s getting harder and harder to pick just one great shot.

Last edited 5 months ago by Tommy Molnar
5 months ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I doubt if any pro’s would do it for only the $50 prize. A couple of these pictures I would buy.

5 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Eafrati

I agree…look in the lower right corner of 26-5.

Not sure how one would exclude or prohibit those submissions, though. But the contest has gotten so good in submissions that, at least in my case, I know I could never compete with the top photos that are sure to win. So, I vote but will probably not be compelled to submit my futile attempts with a cell phone!

RV Staff
5 months ago
Reply to  Spike

Yes, #26-5 was taken by a professional. But even the amateurs have a shot (pun) at winning, if they get more friends and family, et al., to vote for their picture. So take a shot, Spike, and submit it. Then have everyone you know vote. You might win! Oh, BTW. Check out the results so far on the current photo contest. Just sayin’. Take care. 😀 –Diane

Jim Fort
5 months ago

It was a difficult choice between the pictures presented today. Great job on all of them…

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