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Cool your RV for a penny a day

By Bob Difley

Geizeer mini-cooling device
Geizeer mini-cooling device

Hot summer days are still ahead, resulting in hot, sleepless nights as well. If you are a boondocker/dry camper and don’t always have adequate – or any – electrical hookup to run your power-hungry air conditioner, what to do?

Geizeer is a personal, eco-friendly, portable mini-ice cooling with refrigerant device, which consumes less than 1 cent per day.

Geizeer is made of wood, a perfect thermal insulator. Externally it is composed of two shells in wood and metal finishing frames. Internally it contains a rechargeable battery, a micro USB with PCBs, a DC brushless fan and an ice pack.

The two lower and upper halves of the body overlap to form a cube. Half of the cube, that serves as a base, provides an isolated space for a rechargeable battery and a PCB with micro USB. Above this space, where the cooling elements are housed in the lid, is a brushless fan. The air is sucked from the grid in the upper half, cooled inside the cube, and pushed out through the slots that divide it in half.

Geizeer use is very simple. Simply drop the previously frozen ice pack (from your freezer) into the lower half of the cube, replace the top half, align the blue dots and the fan begins to run.

The fan draws hot air through the upper grid which forces a loss within the cube where the shape of the ice-pack allows diffusion of air to the gel. It is sufficient to cool a room of about 130 square feet – about the size of a 16-foot long by 8-foot wide living space – by about 5 degrees.

Learn more or order from Geizeer’s KickStarter page.

Information obtained from Geizeer’s KickStarter page.

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Wil Mosher
6 years ago

Ridiculous device. I am surprised you were suckered into touting it to the RVing public. It has been in the 90’s the past few days here in Maine. There is no way this would have an impact of any significance to the bedroom temperature. I shudder at the waste of personal energy expended just trying to keep it in frozen gel packs. Far better to tout the use of reflective bubble wrap on all windows, cultivate a sweat lodge mentality and utilize personal fans with rechargeable batteries than to shill for the manufacturer of this piece of nonsense.

Sam Lunt
6 years ago

I have to say something. I think that it is intuitive to most people looking at this product that it is bogus, but let me do some further explanation. I have worked many years in the refrigeration industry. Everything from small reach-in freezers to industrial ice makers. This product has crossed the line. This is worthless. You cannot absorb an appreciable amount of BTUs with a mass that tiny.
For an example, if your frozen medium was 1 quart of ice you would be able to absorb 342 BTUs to turn it into water and bring its temperature up to 75 degrees. (gel packs are about 98 percent water but absorb BTUs more slowly because of the polymer , cellulose, starch or foam content)
The smallest window air conditioner I have found after many hours of online shopping (for my rv) is 4000 BTUs per hour and is adequate for a room of 1500 square feet.

4000 vs 342!

This product would probably give you about 15 minutes of barely noticeable cooling if you held it near your face.
Additionally they claim it only cost you 1 penny per day which is false. You don’t get something for nothing… you have to freeze the gel in your freezer which cost more than a penny per day especially if you’re swapping the gel packs out every so often in order to get any cooling for more than a few minutes.
A clueless-Millennial-contrived, cutesy, pseudo-product that will end up in the trash or on a yard-sale table.

Sam Lunt
6 years ago
Reply to  Sam Lunt

Sorry, I meant the commercial a/c unit was for a 150 sq ft room, not 1500.

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