Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Correct Track keeps travel trailer, 5th wheel axles aligned


Correct Track alignment system by Lippert Components provides a safe and simple way to correct a misaligned trailer suspension system. Misaligned axles and suspension are caused by lateral unbalanced weight. When an RV foundation is assembled, the bulk of its final weight has not yet been placed on the axles and chassis.

The addition of slide-out rooms, appliances and cargo can cause imbalance and lead to misalignment. Correct Track can be integrated into the suspension system of your RV chassis, enabling certified service techs to customize the wheel alignment to your specific load requirements, preventing premature tire wear and improving gas mileage.Lippert Components offers easy-to-install, bolt-on single, tandem, and triple axle Correct Track kits designed specifically for aftermarket installations. Correct Track can be installed by any authorized Correct Track Service Center. The Correct Track hanger adjusts the axle alignment by 1/4 inch increments.

When Correct Track owners bring their trailer into an authorized service center, a service technician will measure the alignment with the Correct Track laser alignment tool. After the measurements are recorded, the service technician can adjust the Correct Track hanger by 1/4 inch increments in order to properly align the suspension. Lippert’s Correct Track Suspension Alignment Kit is available at a good price at Amazon.

Watch the video as Gary Bunzer, the RV Doctor, explains how it works.

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