Friday, December 9, 2022


Never change cat litter again with this eco-friendly litter box


Here is a great product for RVers who travel with a cat — a disposable, eco-friendly litter sytem that is easy to use with no scooping! And the really great thing is that it lasts four to six weeks, and after that it can be dropped into the trash, and then totally decompose in two years in the landfill. That’s a huge improvement over traditional cat litter, which is not at all eco-friendly.

The cat litter system by Litter One is the alternative to conventional cat litter care. The disposable litter kit is made of 100 percent green material that contains pine pellet litter, a scoop and bags — everything you need for cat litter maintenance.

The patent pending false floor system separates pellets that have been soiled with urine without scooping. Just gently stir pellets with the cardboard scoop and/or shake the litter kit from side-to-side or front-to-back. Soiled pellets will pass through the floor system.

This unique system is great for RVers or anyone who doesn’t want to store bags of cat litter which not only take up space but also weigh a lot and clog up landfills afterwards! Watch the video for a demonstration of how the system works. Learn more and/or order.

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