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Couple confesses their RV buying mistakes. This video will make you mad

This video will make you mad (maybe sad is a better word) that the buyers of the fifth wheel trailer were so eager to buy an RV that they made all the classic buying mistakes — ones that will ultimately cost them a lot of money and stress. They explain the “sneaky tricks” the dealer used to charge them an extra $10,000 they later regretted spending.

The saddest thing is the mistakes they made are repeated across the country every hour of every day.

And, by the way, the couple bought the RV from Camping World, which they claim was one of their mistakes. “We liked them at first,” said the husband, “and now we wouldn’t buy another RV from them again.”

This kind of story makes those of us at fume.

Read more stories like this at our Facebook group, RV Horror Stories.


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Glen Cowgill (@guest_106515)
2 years ago

I had a problem with the Fort Myers Camping World charging me twice for the same repair that wasn’t done right the first time. I no longer feel comfortable using Camping World for anything. Also, their member sale prices are high than what you can buy the same product for at other camping dealers.

Ken Gregory (@guest_106430)
2 years ago

What most people don’t know is you can make a request to the selling dealer to cancel the extended warranty and get most of your money returned.

David Ozanne (@guest_106429)
2 years ago

I get my insurance from The Hartford and it covers a lot that warranties do.

Sharon Boccelli (@guest_106400)
2 years ago

We have probably taken too much time but are searching for a 5th wheel that is truly no bigger than 25 feet, and under 7k pounds. We have a 1998 Thor 21 foot fifth wheel right now that we have enjoyed for over 6 years. It has a manual slide. Everything is manual and doesn’t take long to set up. We discovered a leak on the back end and although I think I solved the problem it is getting too old to travel far with it. Campgrounds are also hesitant to allow us in because of its age. We heard that there are a lot of smaller 5th wheels made for the west coast that aren’t brought to the east but can’t seem to find them. I look on RV Trader all the time but the lengths are deceitful. If anyone knows somewhere for us to look I would appreciate it.
We are very cautious being an older couple and wanting a good travel trailer to live in while we travel our country. Love the info presented here. A subscription with all the ads is what I would like. That is how we learn.

Skip (@guest_106445)
2 years ago

Craigslist. Vermont has some smaller 5ers.

Mike (@guest_66110)
3 years ago

I follow this couple which I find every entertaining. Here’s is their youtube site: I also visited CW and you can bet your sweet bippie they have high pressure sales. No didn’t buy from them. In fact when I now drive by CW I make sure my truck doors are locked.

John & Mercedes (@guest_41195)
4 years ago

This is one of the dumbest fiscal mistakes we’ve ever made! We felt a responsibility to swallow our pride and warn others about camping world (lower case) . Thank you to everyone for the kind comments. We are very grateful that picked up our story and is warning others.

RV Staff
4 years ago

John and Mercedes (the RV Odd [but adorable] Couple) — Thank you for your kind words, and for “swallowing your pride” and making this video to enlighten other RVers. I’m sure many others have learned from your (unfortunate) mistakes. Hopefully the worst is over for you and that you and your family will enjoy many happy years of RVing. Take care. 😀 —Diane at

Mac Grinnell (@guest_40810)
4 years ago

I’d like to give you a thumb’s up, but don’t see the thumb. Good presentation, helpful and entertaining.

Roger (@guest_41074)
4 years ago
Reply to  Mac Grinnell

Click on the YouTube link. You’ll see the thumb’s up options there

Bob Godfrey (@guest_40696)
4 years ago

Always, always, always read anything you are asked to sign. If it is lengthy (and it usually is) take it home with you and read it a couple of times until you understand that it is designed to protect the seller and not you! You also may have the ability to back out of the deal within three days depending on your state.

Traci (@guest_41043)
4 years ago
Reply to  Bob Godfrey

I once told a car dealer “you can go find something to do. The is gonna take awhile because I’m reading the back of this thing word for word”

Connie (@guest_62752)
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob Godfrey

Something I’ve found helpful when buying just a car…. tell the salesman you want to take the contract to your lawyer to look over.

Then watch their reactions. If they seem to get the heebie-jeebies and all nervous, walk away right there.

Sales personnel are trained to sell. TRAINED. To SELL. They’ll be your BFF in that moment. And they may really be that helpful! But they won’t ever be your BFF, not after you sign. By the time you notice your first problem that needs service or you want to make a complaint, they won’t even remember you. They’ll be working on their next “mark”, their next sale.

But it never hurts to reference your lawyer. Who’s “on retainer”. For just this kinda thing…..

Shannon (@guest_40538)
4 years ago

Unable to view RV buying mistakes video. Not working on Facebook or on Rv travel site!

Connie (@guest_62753)
3 years ago
Reply to  Shannon

Shannon, just go to YouTube and look them up there. The video worked fine for me too. You may have a setting in your browser that’s jamming you up. Try YouTube on your device first, and then if you have a smart TV, you likely have YouTube there too.

Captn John (@guest_40531)
4 years ago

Does not make me sad or mad. They ignored their own preset rules. The “research” was either very poorly done or ignored. Like many others, excitement overtakes planning. In the end many put more thought into the last purchase of peanut butter than the RV.

Jeff (@guest_40530)
4 years ago

It cannot be said enough or Spoken Loud Enough! NEVER BUY AN RV FROM CAMPING WORLD!

Too bad someone can’t put up a Bulletin Board on the road leading to Camping World, “DO NOT BUY AN RV FROM CAMPING WORLD, YOU WILL BE SORRY!”

Denny Day (@guest_40520)
4 years ago

Same ole sameole

Denny Day (@guest_40522)
4 years ago
Reply to  Denny Day

Some things never change, like Camping World,. Regardless of where they are, it’s still the same. Just for instance, we purchased a travel trailer from CC and there was a gasket leak form that TV antenna. They had to order the part. 5weeks later when the part was available and I took the trailer back, they didn’t have time to make the repair told them I would install because I Didn’t want to wait two days and come back to CCfor the repair. Good deal right, wrong, they wanted to charge me $12. OO for a .50 gasket plus shipping. That was the end of Camping World for the Day family. This was in 2004,. We are on our 3rd travel trailer since then, but never from CC

Captn John (@guest_40528)
4 years ago
Reply to  Denny Day

So very wrong. Some CW locations are bad, one near me is fantastic. There are 5 dealers near by. CW has the best prices and service of all. One TT and 3 5ers since finding the gem.

Heywood Jablomi (@guest_40519)
4 years ago

Kinda like Sheldon and Amy…Fun with flags !

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