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Couple disagree on what’s important to haul in RV

Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
I have a weight problem. My husband says my embroidery machine is too heavy to carry with us in the 5th wheel. I was fine with that until he bought a small air compressor to haul around with us. His argument was that we needed it to check our tire pressure and add air when necessary. The thing weighs more than my embroidery machine. I told him every gas station in America has an air hose. For those with a charge I would gladly pay with the money I make using my embroidery machine. I love the RV lifestyle as much as my husband, but if I can’t do what I enjoy, I’ll stay home and embroider and he can go blow air up his tires. Can you find us some common ground? —Tired and under pressure in Peoria

Dear Tired:
You should not have a blowout in your relationship over cargo space. You should both be able to find equipment that fits the bill of lading for an RV. With today’s technology I have seen both items in a smaller size and capable of doing what you both want to do.

I agree with your argument. Most stations do have available air. Sometimes it’s not convenient to reach, but often a long air hose will reach all around even a large rig. But I can see having a small compressor would make it convenient to check your tires and add air anywhere.

If I were you I would compromise and take both. If, after several months, one gets little use – lose it! I think that is good advice for any items you haul. It is a matter of learning what to carry and what to leave behind. Everything should be an option.

With so much storage space available in newer rigs people have a tendency to haul equipment they will never use. It takes some sorting out. Be open minded and you will soon lose more weight than you ever imagined.—Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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Michael Nistler
5 years ago

I also considered buying the bigger Viair, but found the Q Industries MV50 was perfect for me – no problem pumping up RV ties within minutes, didn’t take up much space, light and under $100 (far less weight and space than my beloved high performance laptop so wives should be able to bring equal cargo!)

chris p hemstead
5 years ago

In my travels I have found that not “every gas station in America has an air hose.” Not one that works, not one that will provide sufficient pressure, or will work in any reasonable amount of time. Besides, if you find a low tire in the RV park, what are you going to do… drive to the gas station with a low tire?

5 years ago

Here’s the answer to your prayers. This one weighs less than 20 Lbs. There are less expensive ones but this one comes complete and has a 100% Duty cycle which is important.

5 years ago

There are many small air compressors that take up very little room. Their drawback is they are slow….but what’s the hurry? Just make sure the one you buy is capable of reaching the tire pressure you need.

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