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Couple could face jail time for living in RV in their driveway


A Mississippi couple whose home was partially gutted in a fire is facing fines, court costs and possible jail time for temporarily living in an RV while they dealt with their insurance company.

Pam Navari says she and her husband lived in an RV in their driveway as they fought their insurance company over the settlement claim for a Christmas Eve fire. The living arrangement was subsequently found to be in violation of their homeowners association code, WAPT-TV reported.

A copy of the letter, posted on Navari’s Facebook page, urges the family to “remove the temporary housing structure by Sept. 5, 2019, to avoid any penalties.”

There is more to the story which you can read here.

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Tom B
2 years ago

I have a motor home (class c). Does NOT fit their definition, and therefore, bring it on, moFo!
I also live in an HOA community.
I am also on the board, and would be an advocate for this person.

2 years ago

Another good example of why one should NEVER buy into a place with a HOA and related covenants!

2 years ago

Having dealt with insurance companies numerous (nearly 100) times after fires in Santa Barbara (I worked for a construction company and we did this pro bono with NO future work EVER required by us) it is understandable the difficulty and settlement delays these persons faced.
TheHOA needed to have compassion and understanding and could have passed an emergency “one time” Exemption to the rule!

Note: might be time to replace the board!!

Nina Soltwedel
3 years ago

I was curious enough, after reading the article above, to do some Googling. Found this link and read a most interesting update:

Leonard Zuzchik
3 years ago

I lived in Fort Lauderdale, and for 14 years I kept my Class A diesel pusher in the driveway, with no complaints from the city. All the neighbors were ok with it, and we even lived for 17 days on generator when the entire area was without power, supplying lights at night, and ice to those less fortunate after a hurricane. Next door neighbor was selling, and listing realtor, called and wrote the city that it was hindering her possibility of a sale. City gave me 14 days to move or face a $500/day fine. I sold and moved, promising myself, that I won’t ever deal with a hoa, or city laws again that don’t give me the right to do what I want on my property.

3 years ago

We have only lived in one location where the covenants of the neighborhood would have prohibited our staying in the driveway like this. This was in Covington, Louisiana.

We were there during and post Hurricane Katrina. The neighborhood association waived these regulations after the storm. They also did the same during catastrophic damages such as these folks incurred. You have to wonder what goes on in the minds of those that actually use a tape measure to see how long your grass is.

Is appearance more important than a families plight? Get over it people!

3 years ago

I would never live in any subdivision where I have someone telling me what I can do on my own {bleeped} property that I worked and paid for.

3 years ago

I have heard of these home owner associations and their covenants though I have never been part of one. They knew the rules. Why didn’t they park at a campground? Perhaps a friend who doesn’t have these restrictions could accommodate them. They are being stubborn and could put this to rest quickly. Perhaps their covenants need some revisiting.

3 years ago

Please read the whole story available at this time. Although I’m on the homeowners side, they created the “jail” issue by not showing up in court. If they had, the court would have issued a freeze order to sort things out. Everyone must play by the rules.

3 years ago

I understand HOAs.

But I’d never live with one.

Living near the in-laws is bad enough.

Kathi Parlier
3 years ago

OMG, that is ridiculous.. BUT HOA have rights and covenants and some are stupid… My sister lives in a subdivision that has HOA ,They said she could not park boat in grass…SO she went dug up the grass and had a load of gravel dumped there and parked the boat on the gravel….I would NEVER live where there is a HOA… I am thanful to live in the country….

Vanessa Simmons
3 years ago

What is a “ten”? Not very professional if you can’t spell tent. No playhouse? Does this mean no swing set? No outdoor porch swing? MOVE away from those idiots. I guess the gutted damaged house is ok to be sitting there? AAAARRRRGGGHHH

3 years ago

Years ago while looking for a house to buy we were offered some with a HOA, we refused to even look at them!

Tom Hhelmcamp
3 years ago

That is why I moved from the city to 10 acres in Sumter county Fl. A lot of people I know love associations until things like this happen. I feel like a Free America where we live now.

Leonard Zuzchik
3 years ago
Reply to  Tom Hhelmcamp

We are looking in Sumter county too.

3 years ago

Why the *** do people rent or buy a house that has hoa fees, stop paying into those corrupt businesses and find housing elsewhere, then with a little luck we should see these hoa’s slowly disappear, if people keep paying these fees the hoa’s will keep getting more controlling and greedy!!!

3 years ago

Wow talk about low of the lowest. I guess this is the times we live in. Live in the streets if you are displaced when you have a place to live in. I do know our township does have an ordinance on this one. But not sure the full details on it. I really wish them luck. I know people who live in condos and some of the associations are nasty people.

Marc Goldstone
3 years ago

Get a Lawyer and you should be able to beat this, that is if your RV isn’t a trailer. In other words a motorhome isn’t a building, nor is it a trailer or any other specifically prohibited living unit. The reality unfortunately is that the HOA is spending “others” money and can afford to take this to the Supreme Court while you will be using your limited resources to defend against the inevitable lawsuit(s). Surely by now your Insurance Co. has acted and you should be well underway rebuilding. Try negotiating with the HOA Board for a couple of months after the expected completion date for rebuilding to cover any delays or code enforcement issues.

3 years ago

All the more reason not to give any of your property rights to a bunch of power hungry idiots in a hoa.

Marc Goldstone
3 years ago
Reply to  Dave

Might as well live in Venezuela or some other communist country! Never buy into an HOA!!!!

3 years ago

Ahhh where is the explanation of possible jail time”?

3 years ago

We live in a community with an HOA and our vehicles are required to be in our garage overnight. There are residents that have pickup trucks that won’t fit in the garage because they are too long. They can get a waiver that is good for 1 year and is renewable for as long as they own the truck. I don’t see why this POA couldn’t provide a similar waiver to this family until the home is returned to a livable structure.

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