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Couples campers? Heck no! 3 trailers with less than ideal features

Today Mike from RVBlogger will take us on a tour of three couples campers. In other words, travel trailers perfect for a couple.

Well, that’s what Mike says. I actually do not agree with his assessment at all, as I outline below. I’m not sure what is up. Mike has produced good videos in the past, but in my opinion, he was WAY off his game with this one.

There is a whole lot NOT to like about these three trailers. And I will NEVER understand Mike’s consistent advice across all his videos of removing lightweight shower curtains in favor of heavy shower doors. Especially in trailers that do not have surround shower walls like these three.

I am not saying all this to bag on Mike. I share the video because I do think when shopping for RVs it’s important to highlight features you may not want. And in my opinion, there are a lot of them in this video. Mike shares some, but I saw more.

Knowing what features might not be great in RVs will help you be able to spot them again in other models. I think you might actually learn more from videos like this one.

Mike’s top three picks for couples small campers

Starcraft Autumn Ridge 172FB

I love the old-school functional and efficient layout of this little trailer. Small as it is, you still get a decent bathroom and a hanging wardrobe closet.

Again, for the small size of this couples camper, the kitchen is impressive and features a large fridge not normally seen in RVs this tiny. There’s a large amount of pantry space, too, and a microwave, a HUGE farm-style sink, and a reasonable amount of counter space. The front-to-back positioning of the two-burner stove allows for even more countertop space.

The comfortable dinette is perfect for a couple and has a nice big picture window next to it. There’s a ton of extra storage under the dinette seating. Of course, it also converts to a bed.

The bed takes up the front of the rig. The one downside is that it’s an east-to-west bed. That means if the person sleeping inside needs to get up in the middle the night, they have to crawl over the other person. I am not sure I would have personally rated this rig as best for couples for this reason alone. But then, it’s not my video.

There is more storage under the bed that can be accessed through the pass-through doors on the outside.

The headspace in the shower, when standing under the vent, is an impressive 6’6”.

That said, there’s quite a lot I personally do not like about this rig. It would not have made my best of picks. Why?

  • I don’t like that the shower does not have waterproof walls, so you will have to be diligent about wiping down the walls after using it.
  • There is a ton of storage space in this rig. However, with a cargo carrying capacity of only 675 lbs., I would be concerned with filling it all.
  • The east-west bed is less than ideal for couples.
  • They could have added a medicine cabinet in the bathroom where the mirror is.
  • The TV position at the head of the bed simply makes no sense at all.

Starcraft Autumn Ridge 172FB Specs

  • GVWR: 3,750 lbs.
  • Cargo carrying capacity: 675 lbs.
  • Length: 19’3”
  • Sleeps: 4
  • MSRP: $23,995

Forest River Viking 16SFB

This trailer has a similar floor plan to the Autumn Ridge, but even though it is shorter, it somehow seems bigger. However, with its east-west bed, I again question that this is a great pick for couples.

I do like some things here better than the Starcraft, though, starting with the large wardrobe closet inside the door, and the shoe storage cabinet right underneath it.

There’s space for a microwave or convection oven, but it’s not included. There is a nice amount of storage in the kitchen.

Generally speaking, the dinette and bed areas in these two trailers are comparable. The shower here is shorter, at 6’3”.

This trailer, too, has a lot not to like about:

  • The sink in this RV is FAR too small to be practical. There is a TON of counter space, some of which they should have used for a bigger sink.
  • The shower in this one lacks surrounding walls, too. This would be a deal breaker for me personally.
  • The shower controls are in a very strange place—down by the feet!
  • There is no bathroom sink at all. You will need to wash your hands in the kitchen sink.
  • Again, the position of the TV makes no sense at all.

Forest River Viking 16SFB Specs

  • GVWR: 3,863 lbs.
  • Cargo carrying capacity: 1,120 lbs.
  • Length: 16’6”
  • Sleeps: 3
  • MSRP: $26, 620

KZ Sportsmen Classic 170MB

Once again, there is a lot NOT to like about this couples camper trailer, starting with a cargo-carrying capacity of a mere 520 lbs.! Are they kidding? Unfortunately not.

On the plus side, the drop-down Murphy bed is a nice feature and the two-seater sofa looks mighty comfortable. At least this one is a north-south bed, and it appears to be a decent-quality mattress. The small hanging wardrobe closets on either side of the bed are another nice touch.

At least the TV placement makes sense in this one; however, it seems it comes at the expense of more potential cabinets. With such a low cargo weight, you wouldn’t be able to fill them anyway.

In the kitchen, the sink is big enough to be practical and there is a lot of counter space. I liked the removable kitchen storage bins and the fact that the kitchen comes equipped with a large refrigerator and freezer.

The dinette is small but functional, with lots of storage underneath. It converts to a single bed.

What else did I not like about this trailer?

  • There’s a nice big window behind the bed but it does not open and close. HUH?
  • Once again, there are no shower-surround walls in this RV.
  • The big storage cabinet in the bathroom is nice, but not at the expense of a sink and vanity. There are none, so wash your hands in the kitchen.
  • Again, the low cargo carrying capacity is absurd.

KZ Sportsmen Classic 170MB Specs

  • GVWR: 3,500 lbs.
  • Cargo carrying capacity: 520 lbs.
  • Length: 22′
  • Sleeps: 3
  • MSRP: $26, 808


Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard
Cheri Sicard is the author 8 published books on topics as diverse as US Citizenship to Cannabis Cooking. Cheri grew up in a circus family and has been RVing on and off her entire life.



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Virginis (@guest_244159)
4 months ago

Perhaps the qualifier should be changed to ACTIVE couples TTs. These seem to be aimed not just at short-haulers but those who won’t be spending a lot of time inside!

jillie (@guest_244141)
4 months ago

I really wanted a jayco 212qb but talked out of it when my rv lady kind of told me if I am living out of it on seasonal site I might want to reconsider and get a slide out for more living space. I am happy with the 2018 prime time avenger. It has a slide out u shaped dinette and plenty of living space but the kitchen does not have much counter space if at all. So I got a very long and large cutting board to go over the sink for work space. It has a nice fridge and stove. The oven worries me so I got myself a cuisine art all in one mini air fryer and oven. It does toast really nice as well. The bathroom is roomy with a roomy pantry bedroom is tiny. Otherwise the trailer works well for me.

jillie (@guest_244143)
4 months ago
Reply to  jillie

side note? Had a ton of storage space. So when it rains? nice sofa to watch television with.

Jay (@guest_243648)
4 months ago

Our Jayco 212qb is a couples camper that is larger than these at 4400 lbs. Not sure why all of the campers he lists are so small. Ours has a real queen bed and we don’t need crawl over each other. We have used ours for 80 nights over the last 3 summers and still love it.

TJ Miller (@guest_243662)
4 months ago
Reply to  Jay

Ditto. My NoBo 19.2 only sleeps two, but is 22′ long, and has bags of space.

DW/ND (@guest_243624)
4 months ago

Obviously Rv’s and small trailers are all a compromise of space and amenities. So how much “stuff” can you stuff in a 5 lb. bag? These were not designed for full time travel or perhaps even travel for extended periods. They are weekenders and short trip bedrooms with supplemental support like stove, commode and shower. Good job Mike of pointing out the features which matter. Compare to a campground glamour hut or whatever they’re called these days!

Ed G (@guest_243619)
4 months ago

These are single axle and need a good sway control in fast traffic. Better than a popup due to being solid with a door vs a popup tent were just pulling some velcro strips some one can get in while you are away. I started out with a solid pop up folding up or down like a deck of cards the Apache pop up camper still around and can get parts, putting a small house A/C in front will almost freeze you out even on a 90 degree day. The problem with single axle and high profile is passing trucks can pull on it requiring good sway control. Also you may tend to go faster than suppose to just stay at 55-60 let others go by too many are going 70 and 80 mph if you do you will be off the road and in the woods.

Bob P (@guest_243599)
4 months ago

Im in agreement with you, it’s more like ads for the trailers than a review. The east-west beds are deal breakers for us, I very seldom have to get up in the night, but the few times I do I would disturb DW. The sizes are deal breakers too. Our last TT was 23’ and we couldn’t go smaller, we are octogenarians and require room enough to maneuver without climbing over each other, this video was a waste of time a space. As a person who doesn’t lie I would have trouble making a video like this without getting on my knees and begging forgiveness.

Marie (@guest_243593)
4 months ago

We used to have a Keystone 221RBS. We loved that camper! You could move a bit around the bed; we would slide the mattress to meet the countertop to put the fitted sheet on. It had a good amount of storage and countertop space. As you walk inside, there’s what is probably was supposed to be a pantry but we hung clothes in there. It was about 4’ in height and the top was used as a bar 🙂

The only reason we traded was because we went seasonal & wanted a dedicated bedroom with a door.

I think this is a perfect couples camper.

Tom (@guest_243580)
4 months ago

All our RVs have had twin beds. We will have it no other way. The crawl over in the middle of the night is a deal breaker. All have been under 30 feet.

Jim Johnson (@guest_243577)
4 months ago

We purchased a Gulf Stream 189DD last year and now have about 6,000 miles behind us. It is a great self-contained TT for a couple. About 3,000 dry and 3,800 max. Generous kitchen, including a full-size RV freezer/frig and dinette with plenty of table space. The drawer under one dinette bench is much handier than digging under cushions. Queen bed with access to both sides. A small bathtub (!) under the shower.

But (always some compromises), this TT is not built for the rough & rowdy. Materials are thin and not going to take a lot of abuse. Relatively inexpensive means I spent the first few weeks accessorizing and frankly beefing up some of the construction. And being smart so as to not waste too much of that 800 pound cargo capacity. Still (with some improvements) we have used the camper in most weather conditions (down to 21F) without complaint.

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