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Quick RV Tech Tip: Will a 30-amp outlet charge my RV’s batteries this winter?


Dear Dave,
Will a 30-amp outlet at my home provide enough power over the winter off-season in Colorado to keep the coach batteries charged and in good condition, using the RV’s electric system? Does this coach’s charging system desulfate the four flooded golf cart batteries? Thank you! —Mark, 2003 Fleetwood Revolution

Dear Mark, 
If you have a dedicated 30-amp receptacle installed at your house, it will be more than enough to charge your RV’s batteries this season.

Since you have a Fleetwood Revolution (diesel pusher) with four 6-volt batteries connected in series (pos-neg) and then connected parallel, I would assume you have a large inverter/charger. Fleetwood typically used the Freedom 2000, which is also a multistage charger. It will provide a high voltage (14v or higher) in the initial bulk stage charge, which breaks up the sulfation and then goes into an equalizing and float charge. This will be done automatically and will properly charge your batteries.

Typically that charger only draws about 9-11 amps in the bulk stage charge, so your 30-amp service will be fine.



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18 days ago

Will leaving the travel trailer plugged into a 15 amp keep the batteries charge when nothing but what is normally on?

David N
18 days ago

We alsu use a battery tender for our 2 12 volt starter batteries instead of having to start our DP.
2000 Bounder 39z DP.

14 days ago
Reply to  David N

That’s what we use for our trailer, tractor and riding mower for the last 8 years, never a problem!

Brad Teubner
18 days ago

On our coach, shore power only charges the house batteries. Several different methods have been found for the starting batteries.

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