Sunday, October 2, 2022


Desolenator enables water independence: Just add sun

By Bob Difley

Desolenator water purification system
Desolenator water purification system

The first paragraph you read on Desolenator’s  website states: “Desolenator is a clean technology venture that has developed and patented what’s on track to becoming the most affordable and environmentally friendly method of water purification on the market.”

That’s a pretty strong statement from an idea incubator in the United Kingdom on the concept of drinkable water that humans have been struggling to solve since they first walked upright – and is still the number one requirement for life on the planet (or in boondocking campsites).

There are various methods of creating pure, drinkable water, but all are expensive and often not very environmentally friendly. But now this team of developers say they can produce the lowest cost per liter of water compared to any other available system with their mobile desalinator that runs purely on energy from the sun. And other than being able to provide clean water for billions of people around the world without pure water, this simple system is also an appealing solution for RVers who like to camp off the grid.

deso_parts The team currently has a working prototype that can produce nearly 4 gallons of pure water per day and hopes to finance the next stage of the project with an Indiegogo fundraiser. You can read more on the Desolenator website

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