Desperate RVer with lemon RV gets help from TV consumer reporter


This video from a Boston TV station illustrates everything we talk about here on – too many defective RVs rolling out of factories and the runaround their owners get when trying to get them fixed.

Watch this woman’s story about her lemon RV and the battle she had trying to get it fixed. Sad to say, there are countless other RVers out there fighting the same battle.

Near the end of the video, “enjoy” seeing the lame excuses the dealer, Camping World, provided about why it had such a hard time fixing the RV – that is, until the TV station’s consumer reporter showed up. Lesson here: If you have a lemon, call your local TV station.

Tell them to check out the Facebook group RV Horror Stories so they understand you’re not just a whiner, but part of a large number of RVers who have been stuck with RVs they can’t even use – even though their monthly payments continue month after month.

Watch the video.


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