Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Desperate RVer with lemon RV gets help from TV consumer reporter

This video from a Boston TV station illustrates everything we talk about here on – too many defective RVs rolling out of factories and the runaround their owners get when trying to get them fixed.

Watch this woman’s story about her lemon RV and the battle she had trying to get it fixed. Sad to say, there are countless other RVers out there fighting the same battle.

Near the end of the video, “enjoy” seeing the lame excuses the dealer, Camping World, provided about why it had such a hard time fixing the RV – that is, until the TV station’s consumer reporter showed up. Lesson here: If you have a lemon, call your local TV station.

Tell them to check out the Facebook group RV Horror Stories so they understand you’re not just a whiner, but part of a large number of RVers who have been stuck with RVs they can’t even use – even though their monthly payments continue month after month.

Watch the video.


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Cody Gaved
2 years ago

Because purchasing a trailer, 5th wheel or camper usually is the third most expensive item you buy behind your home and motor vehicle, why can’t your state legislature add recreational vehicles to your states lemon law? 

Lisa Adcox
2 years ago

Some of these issues were manufacturer issues,not dealer. We had a black tank fall out on one side and talked to manufacturer and they found the place to take it to be repaired. Two day fix..The microwave went out and same place took it out and ordered another. No issue.
Often dealers get lots of blame but manufacturer is who is dragging feet oking parts or even the work. CW needed to fix shower in our first RV but Heartland said just glue it. CW said no to them and fixed it and ate the cost.

Brian Holmes
2 years ago

Certain types should not buy RVs. If you have no mechanical abilities your in trouble from the first day. Then they want to play the new car warranty game with the loses screws , or a molding falling off. Sits at the dealer for weeks to months then complain and nothing gets done.
If you don’t do a PDA or even know what that is your in even bigger trouble. I have a friend that doesn’t have a clue how to fix the simplest things or even know what –he looking at. Always at the dealer always complaining.
I bought from CW and had a good experience after the walk through and repaired the things that NEEDED fixing while we waited in the customer lounge and drinking coffee and eating donuts offered by the secretary. One note though the service repair guy said they are not allowed to fix anything on a new unit until it’s sold for it to be a payable warranty issue for them. It’s up to YOU to make sure everything works before you leave the dealer not the dealer.

2 years ago
Reply to  Brian Holmes

PDA – public display of affection!

2 years ago
Reply to  Les

PDI, maybe?

Thomas D
2 years ago

As large a company as camping world is, they shoukd have an inspector either at the factorys or an inspector at each dealership to inspect each unit. Yes, it would cost money. Yes it would take time,but they would make their customers so much happier and that alone would be a benefit to sales. Why accept a faulty unit in the first place? The fault lies at the factory. Start there.

Philip Sponable
2 years ago

Never Fall in Love with a Vehicle…!@#$%^&* … maybe if you’re a handyman, machinist and mechanic.

2 years ago

With the very obvious problems on the camper, visible before purchase, why even consider it as a purchase? Torn carper, ill fitting doors, cabinets that don’t stay shut. No way.
However, the fault is in Camping World for even accepting this RV from the factory. Even a simple inspection would have found the problems. “Push it out the door, we will fix it later” is a poor business model.
P.T. Barnum said, ‘A sucker is born every minute.’ Don’t be one.

Lisa Adcox
2 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Exactly. Our walk thru for us was to see any issues and write it up to be fixed. We had cabinet door that would nor shut,closet issues and few other things. They fixed it and we picked it up a couple days later only after we checked it out that all was done.

2 years ago

The only thing I buy from CW are accessories and supplies…never a vehicle

2 years ago
Reply to  Engineer

Same here

2 years ago

I didn’t even have to read the article to know it had to be from Camping World!

Never buy anything from Camping World! You will be SORRY!

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

wonderful. does anyone think that Camping World actually fixed the camper before selling it again

2 years ago

From the things I read here about Camping World, they probably addressed the bare minimum of the issues with her first trailer and then put it out on the lot to sell it again. I cant see me ever buying anything from Camping World.

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