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What we learned about you last week (September 15-21)


Happy first day of fall! I wish money really did grow on trees. If it did everyone’s favorite season would be fall.

Okay, let’s get to business! Last Saturday we asked, “Has your RV ever developed a water leak that caused serious damage?” Unfortunately, the percentage of those who answered “yes” was higher than we wanted. A lucky 63 percent of you answered no, but 37 percent (which was about 475 votes) said yes. Ted R. commented, “We owned a Thor fifth wheel and lived in it for a year. Returned home to Missouri and stored it in the back of the house for the winter. The unit had hard sides but had a seam about 8″ up joining the two hard side walls. During the winter this seam opened up (too high up to see it) and water entered the unit all winter. When I went in in Spring, the entire walls and floor were covered in black mold. We had no choice but to scrap it for parts and in so doing did lose money still owed. Once again, buyer beware.” Reader Howard K. recommends using a Moisture Meter in your RV, and Teresa recommends charcoal dehumidifier containers to soak up humidity in your rig. Make sure you read all 31 horror stories told in the comments. Yikes! 

On Monday, we asked if, when stopped at a rest area, you use the public restroom or stick to the one in your RV. Exactly half of you use the public restroom, 28 percent say you always use your own toilet, and 21 percent of you say it depends. Does it depend on if the rest area has free coffee and cookies? Free cookies and I’m running towards that bathroom to get that sweet reward on the way back. Is that just me? 

Tuesday asked, do you recycle? Most of you, 47 percent, only recycle if there’s a recycle bin close by, 38 percent say you always recycle no matter what, even if you have to drive somewhere to do so (good job!), and 15 percent of you answered that you never recycle. 

On Wednesday we were curious to know if you ever RV with grandchildren. Nope, most of you (36 percent) do not, 33 percent say yes, sometimes, and 5 percent of you say you often do. The remaining quarter of you, 27 percent, do not have grandchildren. As Gene Perret says, “An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again.  Anything longer than that, and you start to age quickly.”

And, speaking of fall, on Thursday we asked what your favorite season is. We’re in luck! More than half, 54 percent, of you answered that fall is your favorite season, followed by spring and summer (nearly tied at 22 and 21 percent of votes). A mere 2 percent of you say winter is your favorite season. We liked what Gene B. had to say. He commented, “My favorite is whatever season it is when I am traveling.” That’s the spirit!

All right, friends. See you back here next week. 

Thanks for another season of your readership. We look forward to cozy autumn mornings with you: newsletter in hand, a steaming cup of coffee (or tea) next to you, and the world at our fingertips. 

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